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  1. Emery Out for 6 Weeks

    It wouldn't be the first time NYI traded within the division to hurt everyone else and get nothing. I am still upset over that stupid Guerin trade last year where he was a salary dump and without Guerin Pens do not win the cup. He was their bloody captain!
  2. Voros19's Offseason

    Sorry, but I'm pretty sure that Lang's career is done. He was already an old man playing over his head for Montreal and then he had his achilles tendon cut. Good night. I would love to see a guy like Arnot come back, but I say we should just focus on the defense for now.
  3. ECF and WCF schedules...Round 3.

    I know what you mean. At the start of the year, if you asked me what my worst cup final would be, I would have answered Detroit vs. Pitt rematch. I think this is all my fault. I quit playing pickup hockey 2 years ago and ever since I have been severely punished by the hockey gods. The only way I can see how to fix this is to come out of retirement this fall and play again. I am also planning on attending a camp fire on June 27th, so maybe I should bring PItt, Detroit, Carolina memorabilia to ritualistically burn in the flames...
  4. OOT Scoreboard - Fri. 5/8. ECSF & WCSF - Round 2.

    As I expected, Boston was way overrated, although they could still mount a come back (see Washington VS. NYR in the first round). Carolina, as much as I detest them, has a fast, young, talented team.
  5. Wrong. You are forgetting our most painful game 7 loss ever, 2001 SCF in Colorado! Of course, I'm not suprised you missed it since it is likely better that Devils fans just forget that one...
  6. OOT Scoreboard - Sun. 4/19. ECQF & WCQF - Round 1.

    I watched the first period of San Jose/Anaheim last night. I must say, Anaheim's defence is absolutely amazing. Just a complete shut down of the skilled SJ forwards when they enter the Ducks zone. I know that Nieds is kind of a traitor here, but he along with Pronger, Whitney and Beauchemin have really been playing well. When I watch the ducks play, and then compare them to our D, I can' t help but be really envious. Too bad guys like Pronger + Nieds are so hard to come by. I really like the Sharks, so I'm sad that they are losing, but you really have to give credit to the ducks for playing such sound defensive hockey. Also, Bobby Ryan is an absolute beast and I would not be sad if Blake never got anywhere near another cup in his lifetime.
  7. GDT: 4/12/2009 Devils vs Hurricanes 7:30PM

    I'm watching the Caps/Rangers since no Devils feed for me I must say, Theodore looks like a complete sieve in this game. He really needs to step up or Caps are in trouble.
  8. GDT: 3/23/09 - New Jersey @ Philadelphia - 7:00 PM

    I have been a big fan of Pando throughout his career, but honestly, the guy is done. He had absolutely no hussle on the PK and this led to the Dman easily getting the puck and setting up the goal. Why can't we just play Zack or someone who can skate out there for the PK? I have no problem with him dressing, but for God's sake Sutter keep him away from the PK!
  9. GDT: New Jersey Devils @ Boston Bruins 3/22/09

    wow, I never knew that Johnny Oduya has 7 Mal and 21 Assist this year! Let's go boys, score as many mals as possible!
  10. GDT: New Jersey Devils @ Boston Bruins 3/22/09

    I found this one, although it is in Swedish! http://www.ustream.tv/channel/bsod
  11. OOT Scoreboard - Thurs. 3/19.

    Ottawa now up 5 to 3 in the second. Ok, so the Canadians are desperate for points, and then they come into Ottawa and give up 5 goals? If I was Montreal, I would take a long look at Clemmenson in the offseason.
  12. Congratulations Marty!!! You are the best all time. Now let's really burn things up in the playoffs. TSN cut to the end of the game so that I could watch Marty cutting his net. Funny stuff. Lou was laughing his ass off and MacLean was standing with his mouth open like a fish, kind of dumbfounded.
  13. Don't read anything into Sutter's future

    As a Canadian who moved from Canada to Boston and back to Canada, I am not surprised. USA is a great country, but not nearly a good a place to live as Canada. There are lots of reasons, but number one in my books is FREE HEALTH CARE.
  14. Antoine Vermette Traded for Pascal Leclaire

    I can see Leclaire for Vermette, but why did Columbus throw in a pick as well? That was stupid. Columbus loses this one.
  15. Will Clemmer demand a trade?

    What I meant is that he will be in his mid-twenties by the time we need another goalie. Lots of goalies start playing in the NHL when they are 19-20, Marc Andre Fleury and Rick Dipietro being recent examples. Didn't even Brodeur start in the league when he was 20 or so?