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  1. Screw The Today Show

    Let's look at this way. We won the cup when not a lot of people gave our guys that chance. We were the forgotten team when we played the Ducks. I didn't see anyone fuss over Jersey whether I watched the games on CBC or ABC. Bottom line is no one will take it away from our guys and the fans. Who cares what Matt Lauer thinks. I bet he can't even skate that idiot.
  2. Scf Game 7 Thread

    I know this is not over yet, but Nieds for the Conn Smythe.
  3. Those I've Come To Hate

    Man...that team has only people from McGill on it. BTW Concordia rules! Who do I hate? The Mighty Ducks original coach Emilio Estevez. What a freekin' joke. I can't stand Wild Wing, although I loved it when he caught fire that one time!
  4. Heart, Desire & Determination

    I believe in them and I have a box of tissues all ready next to me for when they get the job done. I BELIEVE!
  5. Im Sorry But.....

    I'll stop watching hockey if the name Mighty Ducks ends up on the cup.
  6. Last Round, Burns Almost Guarenteed The Devils...

    But Burns has been in this situation when he was behind Montreal's bench in 89. The Habs were leading 2-0 and lost in 6 to Calgary. I'm pretty sure that it's nagging at him. I mean that was my first thought after game 3. Giguere should have kept his big mouth shot.
  7. Some Observations About The Tv Coverage

    You thought ABC was bad. Well CBC is no better. It's like there's only one team playing in this series. Of course, CBC's hockey coverage is pretty good but in between periods we have Nieds mommy who is telling the world that she wants her other son to win while she holding scott's hand. Then there's a piece with the man who directed the movie The Mighty Ducks. And then for game 4, Don Cherry was wearing a mighty duck purple jacket. He is on the Anaheim bangwagon. Biased much? And yes, they show us Amy Carney and the triplets and the baby also. And they interview celebs at the game sitting next to that freak Eisner. As far as I'm concerned, the ducks are nothing more than a happening in Anaheim. Does Jim Belushi actually know what a faceoff and icing is? Does Eisner know anything about hockey? I would like to see the Devils crush them beyond recognition.
  8. It's Rally Time!

    You know what I want to see happen? The entire Anaheim organization shoving that cockiness where the sun never shines. I want to see the Devils win the cup on their ice just to show them. I think I'm gonna hurl if I see Eisner's face on tv. I think I'm gonna hurl if I hear "sing for the moment" again. I think I'm gonna hurl if I see wild wing coming off the ceiling again (although I wish they had those fire rims that he jumps through just so he'd catch fire again.) I can't stand them.
  9. Stanley Cup Finals Game 2: Devils Vs Ducks

    THIS is the Tverdovsky I know!
  10. Stanley Cup Finals Game 1: Devils Vs Ducks

    Tverdovsky is replacing Ken Daneyko. I just hope he comes out big tonight.
  11. Time For Another Gameday Rant.

    What can I say? Long live CBC and Hockey Night In Canada. And I won't predict either, I think I got most of my predictions wrong anyway. Can always wish, hope and pray for a Devil win though. Can't wait for the puck to drop!
  12. My Trip From Nj To Ottawa Gm 5

    I was there too, but I have no idea who you are. It was my 3rd game. Can't say I wish I will get to catch another one before next season though. The atmosphere during the sens games is absolutely great. It's by far one of my favorite arenas and city. People there are just great!
  13. Devils Vs Lightning Game #3

    didn't the puck just go in?
  14. Devils/lightning Game 2

    The ugliest thing I've seen in this game so far is Melrose's suit. God, that thing is awful. The game, well Burns is probably breaking things in the lockerroom right now.
  15. Rangers Looking To Dump Lindros

    He is a waste of space. We didn't hear from his parents in a while. Are they still alive. In any case, he can cry me a river and I still wouldn't feel for him. Eric. make me a favour and retire.