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  1. devils practice times

    I was thinking about taking a trip to practice on Friday. I figured that if they have a game Saturday, they would definitely hold a practice. After calling the arena, I found out the next listed practice is the 4th. I haven't been to a practice in the longest (used to go all the time a few years ago, when I was in college) and have the opportunity to go tomorrow. Anyone think they may actually hold one and it just isn't listed? Thanks!
  2. Devils Welcome Back Hockey fortnight

    Guess not...just thought people would want to go being that they are giving away tickets, shirts, hats, and signed sticks.
  3. Devils Welcome Back Hockey fortnight

    Has anyone been to any of the events or plan on going to any? They just added more places.
  4. Where's Jamie Signing?

    Yes he was in WO yesterday. My family went and got a few pics signed. There was no line. He apparently has a deal with Premio (italian food) company.
  5. Where's Jamie Signing?

    I heard he will be in West Orange signing at the Shop Rite there. He was supposed to be there yesterday (Friday), from 4-6. Then today from 10-12pm. Hope that helps. Think he may have another signing at a Shop Rite coming up too.
  6. Happy Birthday Bluedevil02

    Thanks again everyone!!!!!! Also, thanks to the Devs for winning on my bday!!!! (I am too excited to sleep.)
  7. Happy Birthday Bluedevil02

    Hey there everyone!!!!! Thanks for the B-Day wishes......wish I could be at the game, but couldn't get tix..would have been nice too....what a way to celebrate the 21st, but o well......I will definitely be watching though.......hope i get my wish (ya all can guess what that is)....o and btw niedsfan....I'm a girl...lol
  8. Extra Ticket For Luncheon

    So, did anyone end up going? How was it?
  9. Extra Ticket For Luncheon

    Sounds like fun! However, someone already spoke for it. Besides, might be a little odd going with someone I don't know (not to be taken offensively). It was nice of you to ask if anyone was interested. Definitely inform the rest of us with the goings on there. Thanks!
  10. Martin Brodeur Is At Iceland Right Now

    The last one was born here in NJ. Most of the Devs and their wives chose to have their babies at the same hospital here in NJ.
  11. Practice....

    Apparently it was canceled. Berglund had come out and signed for a few people before practice was to start. There was a pretty big group of fans there and then the PR guy came out and said practice was a no go. I then heard someone say they (the players) were being yelled out. My friend who works there wasn't aware that they weren't going to take the ice. He said it was ready for them and that he had just put out the nets. Oh well...
  12. A Difficult Personal Situation I'm Facing...

    Ig, I am in a similar situation. I am 20 years old (also a college student) and my mother was diagnosed with cancer back in November. It is a tough situation for everyone, but definitely for the one actually affected by the cancer. The best thing to do is just be there for her and listen to her. I know my mother always wants to talk about what is going on with her. However, that is when she is ready to talk about different things. This may be hard to figure out at first, what to talk about and when, but you will learn. When I first learned she had cancer, I was devastated. I felt like a zombie and couldn't think about anything else. It was hard to go to school and do my work. However, I did it. I knew I had to keep my head straight and keep up with my quality of work. Learning she was sick affected me more than I thought it would. I can understand your feelings. My mother and I are close. I am the only girl in my family (have all brothers). My mom is the one that I do hockey stuff with. It has been hard not being able to do the stuff we used to, like going to games and practices. I had to realize she was tired and wasn't up to it. You will have to be understanding that your friend may not be up for the same old thing too (whether that be going out, certain conversational topics etc.) Try to remain the same friend you were. (Some people change when they find out someone is sick.) Hope this helps at least a bit. (If you ever need to talk, feel free to im me.)
  13. Anyone Here Skate At South Mountain Arena?

    Skates are $4 (figure and hockey available) like I said. I was also right about the entrance fee, $4 for kids and $6 for adults. As far as the schedule goes.....can't help you out too much......the message was really messed up. The only time I am sure of is the Saturday skate. You can call there and speak to someone.
  14. Anyone Here Skate At South Mountain Arena?

    When I go skating at SMA, I usually go on Saturday nights. They have open skating from 8:30-10:30. They do have skating during the weekdays, but I am not sure of the times. I have my own skates, so I don't rent, but I think they are about $4. I think admission is $4-6 (depending on age). I don't usually pay myself, thanks to a friend of mine, who works there. However, I will find out the schedule and the exact prices, and get back to ya.