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  1. 2012-13 AHL/ECHL Thread

    Was Wedgewood vs Cheverie. Titans win 5-4.
  2. 2012-13 AHL/ECHL Thread

    Clermont in playing with Elmira in the ECHL. Hes starting tonight against Orlando. No dust on him.
  3. 2011-12 Albany Devils thread

    Banwell was suspended for this game for the fight at the end of the Wheeling game. He was called up to Albany today.
  4. New ECHL Affiliation: Kalamazoo

    Had a successful minor league team in Trenton, just coming off a 2005 Kelly Cup win. Look how that turned out. Damage will be done.
  5. Devils/Rangers pre-season game in Albany

    Guess you missed the Armstrong years in Trenton 04. Mediocre teams at best. Before your time?
  6. Zharkov MIA

    According to hockeydb.com he is listed as no longer on the Albany roster. http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid%5B%5D=92051
  7. No Confidence vote in Louie Lams

    are you serious with this poll.
  8. Atlantic City Devils Games Schedule Out

    Every post just corroborates my point. Sarcasm away.
  9. Atlantic City Devils Games Schedule Out

    See, exactly as I said, first the attack of drinking kool aid then the attendance blah blah blah, so predictable. As for being a bit immature, hit the nail right on the head too. Gotta love it.
  10. Atlantic City Devils Games Schedule Out

    Not all Trenton fans, just the same 3 or so. If you notice its always the same few and the complaint is always the same. Watch the response will come now about kool aid drinking, happy with attendance, Lou is screwing Trenton, the Devils will be blamed for all arena issues blah blah blah. One of them has his own Trenton hockey forum where all the same people reside and slam all Trenton Devils and Devils issues. Even bought the domain name Albanydevils.com. Type it in and it goes to this forum. Messing with the devil I guess. Check out the Albany logo on this site and it will look familiar. Sorry, just tired of all the negativity sometimes. With all the defects in the way the minor league teams are run, I am glad to be a T-Devils (and formerly Titans) season ticket holder and they have a 10 year lease. Got to see people pass thru Trenton to the NHL, got to see Leblond rampage thru the ECHL, not all bad.
  11. Report: Devils Down to Final Two in Coaching Search.

    Yeah...but I try to ignore AC because of all those fans clicking their dog bones and stuff. Did love it a lot though when Dent squirted the water bottle on mighty mite Thomas after beating AC during one of the playoff games in 05.Ahhh....memories.
  12. Report: Devils Down to Final Two in Coaching Search.

    Well I must admit i am a bit biased, having sat behind the Trenton bench when Haviland was an assistant coach and then when he came back and we won the Kelly cup in 05, but the man is a very good coach at all levels. I think he would be perfect with the Devils, he builds his teams from the net out. And besides that there is this: http://nhl.fanhouse.com/2010/04/12/n...mike-haviland/
  13. Jeff Lerg to get pro debut tonight in Trenton

    Yeah i'm eager to see him too. Unfortunately goaltending was supposed to be a strong point with Coleman and Caruso this year, and Coleman sucked all year and Caruso only turned it on recently. If Coleman had played like he did last year it may have been a different year. Oh well, lets see what the future brings.
  14. Leblond-Janssen battle an epic

    I remember that. Think is was against Reading, he dropped the guy stood him back up and laid in to him again. Priceless.
  15. 1/29 Lowell @ Hartford

    Absolutely right as always 04, all is well in Estero. A 6-3 T-Devils win over the Neverblades and 4 out of 6 points for the weekend. I know how you feel about the team but a win still makes me happy.