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  1. Pick 6 for your ultimate team

    Glad to see you clarified. Some of us mightve thought you meant Andy Green. Ha. Ha.
  2. How good is Brodeur tonight? Gotta start calling him : "the Great Wall from Montre-al"
  3. Hey Lou & Jeff! Don't Blow It!!

    Im fine with rewarding Roy for outstanding performances on average teams, but how can you criticize a guy for being great while having great guys around him? did Marty choose to have stevens/niedermayer around for a decade? he's done an okay job since they left with Colin White and Paul Martin as the cornerpieces of the D. The only thing that might put Roy ahead of Marty is the fact that he managed to win a cup with Lyle Odelein, a feat Marty never accomplished.
  4. Brodeur: "I'm ready to play";

    Can we sell out the next few to give marty a nice welcome back? Its gone under the radar how he's 9 wins from being the winningest goalie of all time.
  5. Brendan Shanahan - The Movie Star

    No truth to the forrest gump rumor, courtesy of red wings site: "According to his bio, Shanahan's off-seasons have seen him serve as Ireland's second-string goalkeeper in soccer's 1994 World Cup; play saxophone during the Canadian Jazz Festival; appear in the film Forrest Gump and fail a screen test for the role of Dino in the movie version of The Flintstones. None of it is true. "I saw some of the exciting stuff some of the other guys were doing in the summer and figured I ought to liven up my life a little bit," Shanahan said. "I don't want to be a movie star. I want to be a hockey star. "" http://redwings.nhl.com/team/app?service=p...brendanshanahan
  6. GDT: Devils @ Bruins 7PM, MSG, NESN

    I was at the game... pretty good showing considering the Bruins have been doing a really good job filling their building all year.
  7. You make trades when value is high, thats the point.
  8. Fourth Line nickname

    the "used to be" line... Used to be good
  9. Stubhub tix

    As an experienced ticket buyer/seller, let me assure you that professional sports teams and leagues have allowed users of stubhub and its competitors to sell tickets at any price that supply/demand dictates. Check to make sure they are the same row/section that were written on the listing. If they are incorrect, call stubhub right away and they'll offer some options like getting similiar tickets or your money back, but if the listing was correct than the seller did not break any rules.
  10. A Devil's bar in enemy territory

    Dont know where you live but maybe check out SportsDepot on Harvard Ave in the Allston/Brighton Area, its right off the Pike
  11. GDT: Bruins at Devils LIVE 7PM on -VS- @ The ROCK!

    You just defined 2007 Oduya
  12. Devils' Christmas party turned ugly -- on purpose

    Yea, but than there would forever be a picture of ______ wearing a Rangers Jersey. Is that Really something you want out on the internet come time for a Devils/Rats Playoff Series?

    For the most part I agree, but for every guy we find thats been passed over there are plenty of guys we've taken ahead of them that haven't panned out in recent years. But honestly, I can't argue with bringing in the likes of Rafalski, Oduya, Madden, and even Andy Greene when they were passed over (or in Oduya's case given up on)
  14. Whether or not we play the rangers in the playoffs, the only way we decrease playoff revenue from last year is if we play 3 or fewer playoff games this year. If we played the Thrashers in the first round, we probably wouldn't sell out all the games, but if you believe we are a better team this year (I do relative to the Eastern Conference) than theres a better chance of reaching round 2 (additional 2-4 home games) and so on. Theres no way you can convince me that the extra 2,000 or so people we'd get from a rangers series would offset additional games of 14,000 or more