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  1. Food around the Rock

    I recommend going to McWhorter's they have great ribs for $5.
  2. NHL on NBC schedule

    Its sad that NBC can not recognize how great the Devils are and give us the respect we deserve.
  3. GDT NJD (19-7-1) at BUF (16-8-2) 7:00 PM ET on Versus

    #103 Marty is better than everybody
  4. HD Feed? Cablevision

    I am getting sick of the Devils being on MSGPlus 2, its the only time they are not in HD, why is it they always keep the damn Islanders on MSGPlus nobody in Jersey cares about them so they let us see the Devils in HD and keep the Islanders in HD for the folks on the farm in Long Island.
  5. GDT: Devils @ Penguins

    Why is this game on MSG+2 and not the unwatchable Islanders
  6. GDT: Hurricanes @ Devils

    Huge win, could not afford to start 0-4 at the Rock.
  7. Lou says he's not done

    I hope Lou knows what he is doing, I am tired of seeing stars leave and getting back has beens. John Madden and Gionta maybe on the downside, but they are vital players on a team that is getting older and maybe bad next year without signing suitable replacements. IE GET OUT THE CHECK BOOK
  8. I agree I think he has deserved it for a while now
  9. I'm done with the Kool Aid

    Lou screwed this season up, he needed to make an improvement at the deadline all he got was Havelid who was terrible.
  10. The Ironbound Trolley

    They should go to McWhorter's that place rocks, half rack of ribs with fries $5
  11. Martin Brodeur!

    This was another Marty Masterpiece
  12. MSG Network plans virtual ads for Rangers playoff games

    God Forbid that ever happens
  13. American "Gay" Flag

    I don't like the flag either, but then I read the first amendment at it says something about the right to free expression and that's what America is all about.
  14. Rangers Suck Chant

    No but they chant Potvin sucks and hes been retired nearly 20 years
  15. GDT: 04/03/09 Tampa Bay LIGHTNING @ New Jersey DEVILS

    Its like the roof is caving in