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  1. Leaf Fans Sour Grapes

    Cable presense is fine. But when no one is watching it, there's a problem. Plus for the sport to truely work, it needs to have a broadcast presense, like ABC. Major PGA Tourney's and the PBA have better ratings. Something needs to be done. And I didn't mention the Labor dispute. THe NHL is in dire circumstances IMO.
  2. Leaf Fans Sour Grapes

    The funny thing is, they mention the 70's Habs and 80's Islanders. Nobody in the States was watching then either. I think the main point should be, no matter who wins, the NHL is in deep trouble.
  3. Devils-Rangers Game Thread

    I'll be at this one tonight. After Tuesday's sorry performance, I think the Devils will show up.
  4. Scf Game 7 Thread

    Thank you Devils, and thank you guys! Enjoy, and good night!
  5. Schwab Gets Robbed

    Not true. Edmonton's owner's father's name was exed off by the NHL.
  6. A "toast" To Everyone Here

    Cheers! What a TEAM!
  7. Scf Game 7 Thread

    It never gets old! 3rd Cup in 9 years. Hopefully more to come!
  8. Scf Game 7 Thread

    Ouch....the Crowd wasn't happy.
  9. Scf Game 7 Thread

    Congrats to Anaheim too. It was a fabulous run for them, but the good guys won it!
  10. Scf Game 7 Thread

  11. Scf Game 7 Thread

    It's ours!!!!! 3-0 Devils!
  12. Scf Game 7 Thread

    The Ducks can't breathe now. Keep on truckin'!!
  13. Scf Game 7 Thread

    The roar is growing at the CAA. Keep it tight. No mistakes. And try to tie up as many face-offs as possible.
  14. Scf Game 7 Thread

    There will be times this period where the Ducks will be stuck with one man back. I hope to see a ton of odd man rushes, and hopefully, Devil scoring chances.
  15. Scf Game 7 Thread

    Turner was snoozing there.