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  1. I can't believe I'm saying this....

    Niedermayer was good, but how about Orr, Harvey, Shore, Robinson, Fetisov, Coffey, Savard, Lidstrom, Bourque, and Langway? I think all of them were much better. Just as he was underrated with the Devils, now Neidermayer is overrated. Sorry if this sounds like a flame, but I just can't stand this sentiment that Niedermayer was amazing and Oduya is average at best. Months ago there were a ton of Oduya haters and I understand people don't like to admit they were wrong. Regardless, it's nice to see him getting some respect nowadays. I think he has been the best defenseman for either team all series. For that matter, he's been better than Neidermayer this post-season. Anyone disagree?
  2. Rachunek

    I thought he was playing well until his injury. Remember, at the time he led the team in plus/minus. He's only been back for a handful of games now, so he's still working off the rust. No need for a knee-jerk reaction after one game...
  3. Oduya

  4. Oduya

  5. Oduya

    You guys are ridiculous. Oduya is probably the most physically gifted defenseman on our roster. Give him time! Once he gets some more experience and patience he will be better at breaking the puck out and then he's be a legitimate top 2 defenseman. And by the way, for those of you criticizing the power play, I think you're pointing the finger at the wrong place. I'd say Paul Martin makes far more mistakes when he breaks the puck out from behind the net, so we often have trouble even setting the power play up. All season Martin has done nothing but try to stickhandle past the forechecker, if there is one; he's good at it, for sure, but he assumes he can always get away with it and often the rush gets disrupted because of his arrogance. Just recently he has given the outlet to Oduya when that's what the opponents' positioning called for and we were better at setting up the attack. It's honestly hard being a Devils fan when the rest of you are such spoiled brats and expect every defenseman to be Stevens or Niedermayer. Accept Oduya for what he is and support him. He has the potential to become very good. And even if he never emerges, HE'S ON YOUR TEAM! And I wonder why I get heat for being a Devils fan...