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  1. GDT 10/11/2008 Devils @ Pittsburgh 7:30PM

    Langenbrunner is awful tonight. It's hard to watch him.
  2. GDT - Devils at NY Rangers 7 PM; Game 3

    with officiating like this - who needs enemies? Seriously, there is no way we're winning this game - let alone the series - if the refs keep the bullsh!t flowing this freely.
  3. GDT - Devils at NY Rangers 7 PM; Game 3

    I know there's not technically a rule against it.... but how the hell do they let avery get away with that sh!t?!?!?!?!
  4. Devils Legion fan page debuts this month

    What's with all the hate? The team is FINALLY doing something to reach out to the fans and everyone is complaining about it. We complained for years that they didn't care about us.. now they're doing something to incorporate us and people aren't even giving it a chance. This is a whole new ground for the Devils. If we don't at least give it a fighting chance they'll probably deem it a failure, pull it and go back to their old ways of ignoring us. Why not give it a shot?
  5. Caps are original...not

    From what I've heard from my friend who works for the team, there will be towels... it's a tradition they would like to keep going... and everyone hates thundersticks. He wasn't sure about the color of the towels though. Also, he said that he's heard the "Rock Your Red" thing going around the office for about a month - wasn't sure when it was officially approved, but knew it had been going on for a while. The caps were pushing their campaign as a "Red-Out" until a few days ago... the "Rock Your Red" campaign was definitely around first. Take a look at the splash pages on both team websites. The Devils page has been like that since Friday... suddenly this morning the Caps page was virtually a carbon copy of what the Devils have up. In the sports industry it's rare that a team has a totally original idea. I think most of the anger comes from ripping off the slogan, not the idea. Red-outs are nothing new, but blatantly ripping off a slogan is disgraceful. There's a reason it's Devils Legion and not Devils Army... our team has enough class to at least try to be original. In the end, regardless of how angry we are... at least this year the Devils are making a strong effort to include the fans. Never before have they had a campaign focused almost entirely on the fan base - we should give them credit for that.
  6. GDT: 2/15/08 7PM Devils vs Atlanta

    Parise!! Was that a new goal horn?!?! It sounded significantly louder than usual.
  7. Game Night Production

  8. Game Night Production

  9. Game Night Production

    I couldn't agree more. I know that the attitude drives the lower level employees nuts. They want nothing more than to make the fans happy. (I feel bad for the game entertainment people if they read the boards, they are getting ripped - and somewhat unfairly since they can't do much to change things with the current management) Every department from season and group sales, to yes, game entertainment wants to improve the fan experience. From what I can gather it's definitely the archaic upper management that is holding them back. The marketing department seems to have been able to pull off a few new ideas this year (4 for $44, $1 Hot Dogs, Leap Year, etc)... I wonder if they work directly with Jeff. This is pure speculation, but I think that as long as Lou is running the hockey side Jeff is going to tip-toe around him when it comes to office issues. Lou is past retirement age and I'm sure Jeff doesn't want to piss him off and push him out. I think it would make more sense to have the younger, "edgier" Jeff run the day-to-day office (or at least the game entertainment stuff) and let Lou focus on being GM. It will never happen, but I'm sure it would make a huge difference. Apparently there are 2 different parts of the Devils office - the Lou side and the Jeff side. Jeff's office consists of the group that was in Newark getting the building built and ready... Lou's people are the ones that came over from CAA. They work for the same company, but they couldn't be treated more differently. I have yet to talk to someone under Lou who can say they are genuinely happy with the way they are treated, it's the complete opposite under Jeff. As far as player access... It's so ingrained in some of the employees that they are not allowed to interact with the players that is borders on ridiculous. After a recent game I was walking to the parking garage with my friend who works for the team... Madden was in that little alleyway leaning out of his car signing autographs and I wanted to go over... my buddy refused to even walk over with me for fear that management would see him and he'd be fired. He wouldn't even go within a few feet of Madden's car without permission from the head honchos. I wonder if the players know this rule or if they think the office staff is incredibly rude. Another thing that buggs me (and this is totally off topic)... the employees are not allowed in the bars and lounges post-game (even the ones who don't have game night jobs). I bummed some tickets off one of my Devils friends, after the game I wanted to buy him a drink at the goal bar (and see if I could bug Dano to sign a puck for me), I could not believe that he was not allowed to go up. How stupid can the Devils be?!? They are telling people who are willing to pay $7 for a beer to go somewhere else. Imagine how it would be for a fan to interact with the office staff in a casual environment. Based on this thread, imagine if we could catch the ear of the music guy and tell him how we feel about the chicken dance. I understand their concern about the employees drinking too much, but they can go to arena bar and drink just as much - and still make asses of themselves if that's the type of drinker they are. Most people (that I know anyway) will go, have a drink or 2 and be done with it. That's $14 they just let walk out the door... multiply that by a hundred or so employees and their friends who want to hang out with them, that's a lot of $ that they are letting go. Again, just a pet peeve of mine, doesn't really have much to do with game entertainment.
  10. Game Night Production

    Wow... you guys are harsh! I know a few people who work for the team, here is what I can tell you for sure... First, send your complaints to Vanderbeek, that is the only way they will be addressed. HOI... There are only 2 people working on game night production. They wont hire more people to help out and the 2 people they have are beyond swamped (one does the graphics for everything - in game, the outside board, the long boards around the bowl, etc... and the other does the videos and plays the music). I work in production, I know that it takes time to create new content and with 41 home games, it makes it even harder for them to put a lot of time into videos to make them spectacular. I have heard that upper management has told the editor to take all effects out of the videos from now on - they (not Jeff, but Lou and his cronies) want straight cuts and music that is "not too edgy." I agree that even under those guidelines the videos could be better - match up to the beat, etc. I usually don't get to the games early enough to hear the organ pre-game, but I could imagine it getting a little annoying after an hour or so. The "pump-up" videos from the bands are AWFUL! I couldn't agree more. The only thing that could be worse would be if they got Hannah Montana to do one. They don't use the Strahan or Seinfeld videos anymore because the cronies considered them old and overused in the past. (They also don't fit the size of the scoreboard as it's all HD now, but they could throw up those awful still flame images to fill the rest of the screen - ala the hockey song video). Maybe now that the Giants have won they'll get a new Strahan one... maybe. The Welcome to the Rock opening sequence was supposed to be used for opening night only, but they decided that they liked it and they want to keep it. I agree that it's about time to either fix it up or lose it all together. Last year they were in works with the league to get highlights from the night before and intermission highlights from around the league (in-lieu of the out of town scoreboard)... I'm not sure where that wound up, but I can ask - maybe they just forgot about it. I liked it better last year when the Power Players were only used for in-game contests. I don't think they really need to have their own time out... you're right they can't dance and they should not have been asked to. They definitely need some new mascot skits too, the date one and the one with him scaring people on the concourse have been overplayed like crazy. I think they only play the date one when we're playing one of the teams in the video. Pittsburgh is in there, maybe that's why it seems really overplayed - they used it twice in a week. They would love to have their own produced in game feature, but again, they are totally understaffed to be able to do so. They also have absolutely no player access during the game - they would never be able to get interviews, etc. On that note, they also can't do anything involving the players during TV timeouts... they're not even allowed to use a current player as an answer in the trivia timeout (the other players may get jealous, ya know). I have to say, during the Premio highlights they do show all goals from the game... although they music is usually awful enough to make you fall asleep. I couldn't agree more on the goal horn. Early in the season my buddy told me that they were waiting for one to be installed... I guess that never happened. I'm not even going to get into the goal song. Everyone was complaining about Ole and how no one cheered during it... now people are saying that more people cheered with Ole. There is no way to make everyone happy. They tried to create their own song and everyone who has heard it says it's awful - too much like the Rangers song. I haven't hear it, but I trust that it sucks. I cringe every time I hear the Chicken Dance at a game that's not a 1:00 start. I understand playing it when there are a lot of kids in attendance, but on a Tuesday or Wednesday night, give me a break! They do play the Hockey Song every few games. I actually think they tend to overuse it sometimes... but I can see where you are coming from. Skeeter - I totally disagree with you that they don't want to entertain you. They try very hard to do as much as they can... again, they don't have the man power to do it all. Last year they had the 25 moments videos that they played pre-game. They should definitely bring those back. They're always pretty interesting and they've already made them so they don't have to put any man-hours into it. They used to have an in-game host (Matt Murphy, Greg-T)... I think just about everyone found them annoying and they were only allowed to do contests. The Devils will never grant their own people access to the players during the game (at least not while Lou is calling the shots). It would be nice if they could pull in FSN's broadcast duriing intermissions. I love the loudest section idea... anything to get our fans to make noise would be awesome. The t-shirt tosses used to help out with that, but for whatever reason they don't do those any more. LA I don't think it has anything to do with cost of songs. They have a blanket agreement with BMI or one of those places. That's part of the reason there was a Gary Glitter issue (I don't want to open a can of worms with this -I don't remember the full explanation, but I do remember that they have a blanket and can use any song they want - legally. They run into hurdles with the Lou cronies who would rather hear Rod Stewart than Metallica. The organist (Pete, I think) would love to have a real organ, but there is no security where he sets up. He would have to store the organ somewhere and move it for every game. It's not practical - and there is no way they could leave it out for other events. I doubt Vanderbeek would have any problem dishing out the $3000 (or even $20000) if it were feasible. Triumph - I would pay good money to never hear them play C+C Music Factory again. That song was awful when it was popular... why make us suffer through it now? Sorry that was so long... I couldn't figure out how to double quote, I hope everything makes sense!
  11. The Official comprehensive thread of CHICO-ISM and DOC-TRUISMS

    "I'm Mike Emrick, that is something that hasn't changed" (Boston 12/13)
  12. Family Affair - Yahoo.com

    A nice article about Sutter and his arrival as coach in the NHL http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/news;_ylt=AiJC...o&type=lgns "The Devils are trying to do something that's not easily accomplished
  13. GDT: Washington Capitals @ NEW JERSEY - 7 p.m

    I called earlier to find this out... the ceremony starts around 7:05, they recommend everyone be in their seats by 7:00. It will be a late puck drop (it's usually 7:08) I think it will be closer to 7:15 / 7:20ish.