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  1. Even his attempts at humor are lame. He doesn't get it and he never will.
  2. Priceless!!
  3. Now THAT was funny
  4. It would be so bad that there wouldn't even be any ratings and that's a shame. Our fellow Americans just dont get it. They'll go nuts over a stupid College Basketball Tournament though. As long as they can gamble I guess.... Anyway, If the Devils aren't involved, I'd love to see Ottawa stick it up the noses of the Leafs and Habs and win the Cup. You just know there's some serious class warfare goin on up there with their hockey teams and I can just picture the Leaf fans and Hab fans looking down their noses at the Senators. Boy, does that sound familiar or what? Insert the Rags and Flyers .......
  5. ICE! I love the sound of ice skates on Ice. I love how one slides on the ice. I love the metallic look of the ice. Ice is what makes this game special. There is no other game like it.
  6. Clarke actually telling the truth is the exception!!
  7. I would kill to have Selanne. Maybe it's wishful thinking on my part but I think it's possbile Selanne could view the Devils as a good situation. We all know that historically, the Devils have not been considered a hot destination. I would hope Selanne sees us differently. There are about 4 or 5 teams that have been consistent serious contenders over the last 5 or 6 years and the Devils are one of them. If he is interested in winning, he'll sign long term. I think
  8. heckuva shot too!!
  9. The play by play guy really gets on my nerves. I dont mind a homer comment every now and then but he's relentless. I've read on Flyers boards that a good number of Flyers fans dont even like the guy
  10. not sure what brough that post on, but I enjoyed reading it.
  11. I dont think it's a bad trade actually. Both are currently injured, Gagne is playing horrible this year. Plus, Gagne is frail . He is starting to look very injury prone. Philly is the last place I'd want to see Iginla. I'd rather see him at MSG. THe rags are beyond hope so Iginla would not be able to affect the East playoffs. We can worry about next year next year
  12. kinda cliche but "Welcome to the Jungle" by GnR always reminds me of Devils games
  13. I dont hate the French, but I really dont understand how they dont see how Hussein is playing the international community.
  14. The second part of the statement while true, does not mean that we would not have won the war without them. Even if Cornwallis had defeated us, there would have most assuredly been other attempts at freedom.
  15. dumb question which I should know the answer to but when is the deadline anyway?? also, I think Lou will pull something off very shortly. The injuries are starting to mount.