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  1. The Rock

    Finally! I was able to get to another game and sit in Section 10, Row 10.... My new opinions of the Rock: Sitting anywhere in "the Bowl" is 1000% better than sitting in the 100's - even the $100 Mezz seats... The Goal Bar is really nice place. Downside:Took about 10 minutes to grab a beer thanks to the a-hole that ordered 60 bucks worth of various mixed drinks and shots for 7 people - and two VERY slow bartenders. A nice, wide-open concourse! A 180 degree difference from my previous experience. This was enjoyable, and I had a great time (even though we lost to the Ice-Landers!) WHEN (not if) I get to another game, I'll pay extra to sit down stairs. For me though, I'll probably attend a lot fewer games than last year. AGAIN, these are my opinions, and your experiences may vary.... -"Killer" Carlson
  2. The plus (+) minus (-) of The ROCK

    (-1) Skinny Seats / too narrow a ledge in front of you. CAA seemed wider. I was in the 100's (-2) Narrow upper level concourse. Took me 20 minutes to get from 128 to 110!! Confusing ways to get downstairs. Escalator not reversed until middle 2nd period ( i watched while they did it..) (+1) Parking - No issues with parking. The garage I parked at only had 40-50 cars in it, one block away. $20
  3. Best Bar/Restaurant to watch the Devils near Newark

    Rt 120 / Paterson Plank Road - Near the CAA, er, IZOD center.
  4. The Rock

  5. The Rock

    Yeah Sammy, I'm still here... and I see I touched off a fire-storm! (How many posts about A-Holes?????!?!?) Unlike some of you (it appears), I don't have lots of time to check out every message on every board, site, or mail list I'm on. Yes, I did check out the two other forums before asking my question. I guess I should have gone to page 6+ or something before posting my original Q. To everyone else - Thanks for the warm welcome! I've lurked here the past couple of years, but just signed up. regards, Killer Carlson
  6. The Rock

    I would like to know what everyone really things about the new arena. I had my first opportunity to visit "The Rock" for the home opener, and had seats in the 100 / 200 section (I was in the 100's). Personally, I did NOT have the great experience I thought I would ! Came away feeling somewhat disappointed. (It was more than the Dev's losing the game!)