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  1. Hmmmm... cheapest seat for tonight's game on StubHub is $80....
  2. Hey, can you copy the link over here. I still have not gotten a link to view the pictures.
  3. I have 2 tickets available for Friday 2/15 7pm against the Flyers. Section 102, row 7, devils attack twice this side. Let me know if your interested. Thanks!
  4. Are the suite passes only for returning season ticket holders? I've been getting partial plans but this year is my first as a season ticket holder. I got the package in the mail today, but there was nothing in there other than my tickets, a voucher for 2 tickets to 1 of 4 games, and a pin.
  5. I have 2 tix available for Devs vs Lightning Thursday 3/29/12. Section 210, Row 6, seats 5 and 6. Asking $60 for the pair or b/o.
  6. Hi All I have 2 seats available for Devs vs Pens tomorrow 3/17 on St Pattys! Retro Day! Section 210, row 6, close to aisle. Let me know if your interested.
  7. Hey...what restaurant was he at?
  8. it was down in central jersey - old bridge i think on rt 9......just happened to be in that area.
  9. This one: It was behind the register and I just asked because it wasnt clearly marked down but it was $15.
  10. Thanks for the info!! Just picked up 3 t-shirts, 2 sweet track jackets, and a fitted new era cap for only $85!!!
  11. There is a brand new pizza place on the corner of Broad St and Lafayette that we go too that has awesome pizza. The slices are huge and are only $1.75. My friend had an Italian Hot Dog with 2 dogs, peppers, onions, french fries, ketchup, mustard, all in a roll for like $4. They have a huge food selection and there are usually Devils fans in there before the games.
  12. It is definitely a sports bar. They always have every sporting event going on their myriad of TVs. I've been there plenty of times and I can only recall 1 Leetch jersey hanging by the downstairs bar. It is definitely not a Rangers bar though.
  13. we need to use shanny better.....his skills are not being utilized on their line.
  14. Good....i cringe everytime i see that crap the rangers do after they win at msg. its a fvcking circus!
  15. wow. i really hope you dont attend devils home games. you not only make it uncomfortable for the other teams fan that you are being an a$$hole towards but you also make it uncomfortable for everyone else in your section and around you. everyone goes to a hockey game to watch and enjoy the game. no one wants to go to a game and have to deal with a$$holes like yourself. please do everyone a favor and go cheer for the flyers you idiot.