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  1. Parade Thoughts...*meow Meeooooow*

    I *think* that these are pictures of Nieuwendyk's wife! I haven't seen her myself, but a couple of people who have told me that that's her. Someone please correct if I'm wrong! I think she's pretty. I'll post a link instead of the pictures themselves since they're not mine... With Joe and the Cup! http://www.vinylcow.com/images/devils/slid...turename=21.jpg With other Devils' wives, I believe Gionta, Niedermayer, Madden, McKenzie and Stevenson http://www.vinylcow.com/images/devils/slid...turename=36.jpg
  2. Devils Scheduled To Be On Regis And Kelly Today

    Thanks for the update all. They were listed on the website as being on today, and I thought their "official" page would be accurate. Sorry for the mix up!
  3. just wanted to let everyone know that the Devils and the Cup are scheduled to be on Regis and Kelly this morning. http://boards.go.com/cgi/livewithregis/req...pcoming&id=1601 I caught this about 15 minutes ago and thought that others might be interested too.