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  1. Hillary

    Jimmy usually puts HUSSEIN in caps. I don't think I need to say what's going on there. That being said, I'd be interested in everyone's treatment of their own middle name. Assuming you have one. And if you do NOT have a middle name, are you a commie or a jihadist? Or do you just have lazy parents? I'll go first: I sign my middle initial, as I usually sign first name, middle initial, and last name. My middle name appears on some legal documents, like passport.
  2. British Local Elections

    See Rumsfeld, Donald, See Bremer, "Jay", See "Heckuva Job Brownie", who were gubmint boorohcrats appointed by... Oh Gee..... I forget.
  3. Sportsmanship

    Good point, maybe this incident will be an impetus for an amendment/change to the rule.
  4. Sportsmanship

    These young women could teach the supposed professionals a thing or 2. Extra Extra Read All About it
  5. Dallas Stars

    Excited Dallas Stars Hear Dallas Morning News Reporter May Be At Next Game Full Story
  6. Scott Stevens in Wayne, NJ

    Tough to say. That's not why they are there, of course. But I got a jersey signed by Stevens last year. My suggestion would be to ask a staff member of the Ice Vault if you could get an autograph, and maybe spend a few bucks at their snack bar!
  7. Scott Stevens in Wayne, NJ

    I think last year may have been the first year, Marty did a goalie camp (but looks like he's giving it a miss this year). I forgot, JP and Zach Parise are doing a camp this year. Jan Ludvig hangs out a lot too, in fact he was spotted at the rink this afternoon. He helps on most of the camps, I guess between trips back to Czech. Full Schedule Here
  8. Scott Stevens in Wayne, NJ

    Go to the camp in July! A few things other things: he is watching the playoff games, and he said "we" a lot, as in, 'we need to do a better job clearing the front of the net' (amen brother!), or 'we need to get more pucks on net', stuff like that.
  9. Scott Stevens in Wayne, NJ

    Scott Stevens was at the Ice Vault in Wayne last night, giving a bit of a preview on the Summer Camp he'll be doing there this July. They showed some video clips, most looked to be from the jersey retirement ceremony, including some of his big hits. He did a little Q&A afterwards, and even though it wasn't supposed to be an autograph session, he did sign some stuff for the kids. He looked like he just came from working on his house! Other Summer Camps at the Ice Vault will be Patrik Elias, Chico Resch & Kevin Weekes. There is supposed to be a Cam Janssen Camp as well.

    No No, that's too long. Quick test here.
  11. OOT Scoreboard 4-12 (SC Playoffs - Round 1 - Game 2.)

    Pretty much. What a Clown Show. And to the NHL I say "Yeah, whatever."
  12. A Story To Make John Murtha Sad

    I hate it when an ex-Marine who has been repeatedly elected to serve in Congress hates America. It makes my head explode. I hate it when my head explodes. Especially when my head explodes all over dinner. It's not so bad when my head explodes over lunch or breakfast, as they are less expensive meals. So you don't really lose as much money. For example, breakfast doesn't cost $3trillion. But dinner can cost a lot. Not as much as War in Iraq. That costs $3trillion. But you can't eat a war. I hate it when my dinner is ruined. Lucky for me, I don't have to sacrifice anything for this war. Except my dinner. Which I didn't have to even do that. My dinner tonight was delicious. It was not an MRE. So yeah. That.
  13. Blue Moon Stand

    Give the Widmer hefeweizen a try. There is one stand downstairs, but the stand upstairs is right by the escalator. It's the one with Long Hammer IPA. Very little traffic which equals very short lines. I have also enjoyed Bass, Grolsch, Fosters and Pilsner Urquell.
  14. It appears that Andy lives in NYC. The house in Alpine belongs to his parents, yet he's registered to vote in NJ. I think that's called voter fraud. He also used corporate funds to pay for a political consultant a few years ago, which violates campaign finance rules. I wonder if Andy will still be in the race this time next week.