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  1. New North Joisey Member

    Thanks all, and especially to one who has sent such a nice PM Too bad we can't tailgate anymore......
  2. Questions for Jeff Vanderbeek

    I am not looking to start a peeing match here with a feud against BC residents and Newark residents, just composing a list of things you wish to ask him. I gave my reasons, if you don't agree with them, fine, i'm entitled to my own opinions, just as you are. Fire away!
  3. Questions for Jeff Vanderbeek

    Alright folks, as the title says, post up your questions about the new arena. I have a bunch I would like to ask myself. 1. Why did you pick Newark? Was it the $$$ involved, or what? 2. Why are the lounges only open to either season ticket holders, or specific ticket holders, and NOT to the general public? 3. Why are the seats so narrow in the upper levels? With over 300million spent on this place, why did you chose the poor seating arrangement? Copy and paste from here on out. I want to send him a letter in response by Monday the 11th, so if you all could get them into this post by then it would be much appreciated. Reason I guess i'm upset with the location of this place is because I am originally from Bergen County(Cliffside Pk)and now residing in West MILFord. The ease of driving to the Meadowlands is now replaced by the "lack of" access to trains in my area. There's no way in hell i'm taking a train from my end of the woods to Newark. Either I drive and pay out the azz for parking, or sit comfy on the couch remote in one hand, beer in the other, stogie in mouth....i think I just answered my own question....:lol Post away!
  4. New North Joisey Member

    Thanks guys for the Welcome. I was going to ask that question, but wanted to hear from you all to see what the deal was. I honestly didn't even try to get in because I had heard the same beforehand, and didn't want to get my hopes up about getting in. One of my good friends is an electrician who put up all the LCD's and is now an employee there in charge of that stuff. He had told me on opening nite that a fire sprinkler fell off(poor weld or something) and soaked the Fire and Ice Lounge pretty good. He also could not confirm about the entry of the lounges, but said he would find out. I figure what the hell, I'll email the guy who foot the bill on building the place and ask him, he better know! So, if you all would like, I'll start another thread to get everyone's input, and add it all to the email. I really want to hear form him all the points of reason, should be entertaining. Thanks again!
  5. New North Joisey Member

    Hey everyone. New guy here from Northern Joisey(West MILFord) Been a long time Devs fan, 2 kids, 1 who's 15 and a Rangers fan, the other 8 and a Devs fan, makes the house fun to watch games! Nice site, lots of info, which is great! Also a former season ticket holder at the old place Sect.232 behind Chico and Mike I know it's been discussed before, and I'm trying to find all the threads about it, but in your honest answer, what do you think of the "ROCK"? I'm not diggin it too much, although it is quite beautiful, and laid out nice. Just not a fan of mass transit nor paying ridiculous prices from parking to food at the place. Thought the upper seats were way too tight to, and poorly designed from a place where the money was well spent in other area's. Also, I wrote Jeff Vanderbeek about my thoughts of the location, layout and other things, and to my surprise he is willing to share a phone conversation with me about the place. So, before I go and set up an appointment, I wanted to hear the pro's and con's of you all who have gone. Thanks all! DEVILS RULE!!!!