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  1. Albelin Will Not Be Offered A New Contract

    I believe Roberto Luongo is Italian as well. Not sure if both parents are Italian though. Also, Ted Donato.
  2. Do This Look Like A Guy Who Thinks He Will

    That is not Anna Tverdovsky. Anna is very beautiful though, too. Although I don't think Anna or Oleg's girfriend should be picked a part on a public forum. I remember reading really gross comments about Anna on the Ducks board last year and I was really offended by them. I know that Oleg is very protective of his lttle sister so I imagine he is just as protective of his girlfriend. Not that anyone HERE has made nasty comments about Oleg's girl.
  3. Sharks Will Be Dealing

    I believe it is a player option, not a team option.
  4. Question

    Thanks for the nice welcome mrsheeps! Much appreciated. Coldply, I do like Sykora very much. He is a guy not afraid to shoot the puck which is a godsend to Anaheim. He and Kariya accounted for 18 SOG against PHO on Friday night. He compliments Kariya well but I am pretty impressed with the way he has jelled with Oates. Of course Oates has *maybe* one year left in him so I'd like to see Sykora play with Rucchin a bit more to see the chemistry they can develop. Ozolinsh will probably be the cause of as many goals against as goals he scores. He has actually played pretty well in the 4 games he has played as a member of the Ducks. He nneds more games under his belt with the team before I can properly judge what he will ultimately bring to the table. I will say I admire his fearlessness and his creativety. Chistov is doing great! That kid has some amazing moves. Both he and Andy Mac play much bigger then their size. I am extrremely impressed with Macdonalds play this season (before his concussion). The remainder of the season is in question for him due to post concussion syndrom. Mike leclerc is a bull. Only problem is he is injury prone. Last year he missed a big portion of the season due to an infected bursa sac. This year he's missed a bunch of games due to knee surgery. When heatly he reminds me a little bit of Shanahan. Jason Krog has been real impressive as well. Sorry for the long read about the Ducks. GO DEVS!
  5. Question

    Coldply, Oleg was traded from the Ducks to the Jets for Teemu frickin Selanne in his prime. The Jets turned into the Coyotes. Gauthier, who was the assistant GM of the Ducks back in 94 and who was very instrumental in drafting Oleg became the Ducks GM and traded a first round draft pick (something which the team has never done before) in 99 to get Oleg back. Basically, Oleg has played for 2 org. before he was traded to the Devils. The reason he was traded is because he didn't get along with Murray. According to the Ducks beat writter Oleg, not Friesen, was the key to the deal. As a 10 year Ducks season ticket holder, I have watched Oleg play for many years and I know for a fact that the only years Oleg was playing under 10 minutes a game was his rookie years. Oleg loves to play and I can assure you no one is more upset about not playing then him.