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  1. It was the only thing the Jets could do at this point. Still not entirely sold on Fitz being a QB that can take a team deep into the playoffs, but.. I guess we'll see what happens this season. I'd also like to see us sign another veteran WR to help mentor the rookies, and give us a little more flexibility\depth. Brian Hartline, Roddy White, Devin Hester and Andre Johnson are all some names still available on the scrap-heap that I wouldn't mind taking a flyer on. There's literally nobody after Deck & Marsh. As much as I like Enunwa, it sounds like they're converting him to more of a TE from everything I've been reading.
  2. The guy's got 30 sacks over his last 46 games.. all with the Jets. He's a jersey boy, who wanted to stay here. He's good person off the field. He's 26 years old. THIS WAS WAY OVERDUE! About damn time! VERY pumped to see Mo here till 2021.
  3. ..and that's exactly what turns my stomach. The Hall of Fame is an achievement rewarding a player for being one of the best ever. Not a consolidation prize for what "Might Have Been". This is in no way a slight to Lindros. He was one of the most dominant players of our generation. But Eric Lindros is not a Hall of Famer. --Sorry
  4. It isn't so much that Lindros got in that bother me. It's the fact that they're trying to tell me that Lindros is a HOF player, but Mogilny isn't. THAT.. is absolute horsesh!t to me. Mogilny's career ended when he was 36 years old. He endured 2 lockouts, 70+ games due to various injury(s).. and he STILL finished with over 1,000 points and nearly 500 goals. Add in the Triple Gold Club.. Stanley Cup.. World Championship.. Olympic Gold Medal.. Lady Byng.. 6x All-Star. I just don't get it. Like I said, you want to sit there and tell me that resume isn't HOF worthy in your opinion.. fine. But Lindros' is?? The committee failed again.
  5. How do you respond to a stretch of putrid baseball where you lose 7 out of 8 games? --you win 5 out of the next 7. Nice job the Yanks have done to negate what was a horrible end to April. Be nice if we can get back to .500 with a quarter of the season looming.
  6. Finally.... justice!
  7. I'll take Curtain #3 Monty! Elias coming back.. AND Kovalchuk reinstated.. AND Cammalleri returning.. AND trading for Staal. ..and if we're getting into a pissing contest between Kovy & Patty.. Patty wins There's alot of intangibles beyond JUST production.. and those rings still matter. More than having over 1,000+ points.. or being a 5x All-Star.. Elias is a Winner! He's a fringe HOF'er that would command much more respect out of that locker-room than #17.. and in end, THAT is the stuff that binds a team together.
  8. ..fvck yes MD. I'm sick to death of seeing that fvcking team in the Superbowl every year.
  9. Yeah, that seemed nuts to me too. I guess they really like this guy.
  10. To me.. this signing actually validates that Rex is gone if he doesn't make the playoffs in 2016. Almost as though upper-management said: "Look, do whatever you need to do to make it next season, because your career depends on it." --and Rex said: alright, let's go all in. Perfect timing too.. because if the Jets are Top 3 again in defense next season, both Rodgers & Pepper will surely be getting head-coaching looks elsewhere. What better guy to supplement their departure(s)?
  11. Shame. What a shame. A genuine shame, shame, shame. The shame of shames, if you will. A shame in every sense of the term. Years and years from now, if someone were to say: “Word association, 2015 Jets.” --I would say, shame. Not just a shame that the Jets missed out on the playoffs mind you. No. The shame is the Jets missed out on something much more this season. Something far greater.. a championship. This year was easily the Jets best shot at a Superbowl since 1998.. and they flat out failed. Look at the landscape of the Conference. You have the Pittsburgh Steelers, who backed into the playoffs thanks to the Jets chock-job. The 9-7 Houston Texans, led by Brian Hoyer. The Denver Broncos, 5-4 over their last 9 games.. who still don’t know which QB is going to start for them when their playoff season begins. The Cincinnati Bengals, who are .500 over their last 8 games.. either going with a backup QB, or a rusty Dalton fresh off an injury. And the Patriots, who have lost 4 of their last 6, and will have Tom Brady (5 TD’s over his last 4 games) starting with a sprained ankle. I left out KC, because they’re the best of the bunch, but again.. meh. The Jets would’ve certainly been one of the sexiest teams picked to go all the way. They were white hot heading into the final game of the season, and getting hotter by the week. They were a team that other teams began to fear. And after a magical season of gasps, cheers, and OT wins.. they threw it all away. They squandered what could’ve been a season to be remembered forever, and have only themselves to blame. THAT is who the real villain(s) in this whole mess is.. not Rex. Rex will get the praise for spoiling the Jets season, but only because of the lasting impression. It wasn’t Rex that ruined the Jets season.. it was the Jets themselves. It’s not the fact that I’m bitter over 10-6 not being enough. It’s football, that happens. Some years 7-9 is enough to win a division.. other years 11-5 doesn’t even qualify. This was one of those years when the Jets needed 11 to make it happen. I get that. But win #11 shouldn’t have been NEEDED in Week 17.. it should’ve come way before that. It should’ve been against the Eagles in Week 3, when the Jets fell asleep in the second quarter and surrendered 24 unanswered points. It should’ve come again the Texans, when, again.. the Jets came out flat.. scoring only 3 points in the first half. It should’ve come against the Bills in Week 10.. yet another game when the Jets didn’t show up until the third quarter. The Jets didn’t just need to beat the Bills on the last game of the season to make the playoffs.. they needed to win 6 games in-a-row. They needed to run the table when they were 5-5. How often does that happen in the NFL? When teams find themselves in situations like that, they know their season was lost in October.. not January. The Jets started the year 4-1. They never should’ve been 5-5 at any point during the year. This is a tough season to swallow. In alot of ways, tougher than even the 3 failed Championship games. This one hurts.. badly.
  12. There are many sports related topics I will defiantly insist upon until my death bed. The 2014 Jets “really not being THAT bad” is absolutely one of them.. and I think that's showing this season. I know Tuna’s words of: You are what your record says you are.. are commonly used to combat my argument.. but the fact remains. --We lost 7 games by one possession last season. (one shy from tying the NFL record) You look back and see a 27-25 loss in New England. Another 17-16 loss to the same team. 16-13 against Miami. A crushing OT loss in Minnesota. Give me a fvcking break here. Like I said….. I get it. A loss, is a loss, is a loss.. there’s no changing them. But typically teams catch a 50:50 ratio from coinflip “luck” games. That didn’t happen for last years team. With the exceptions of the Bills\Chargers, we were unquestionably in every game. Just the small addition of Percy Harvin Week 9, completely transformed the squad. The Jets had a 3-4 record over the last 7 games of the season, and looked like a different team the second Harvin came aboard. I wasn't playing the would've\could've game with all 4 losses I sited.. I was responding to 7 regarding just ONE of those L's being a W. I stand by my stance, regardless what the boxscore and\or narrative suggests. Jets could've won all 4 of those games.. but they should've won at least 1.
  13. Imagine that?!! The one that gets to me the most was Philly, but, yeah.... pick one! To your point, pick just one of those games we threw away, and we're 11-4 right now, with the playoffs already locked up. It's crazy to think about, which is why I don't try and focus on in too much. I'll go mad. the very least, we're in control of our won sh!t. I would've been sick if we had ended the season with 11 wins, and missed the playoffs. If we lose next week and miss the playoffs.. then we lose. At least we'll know we blew it, and have no one else to blame but ourselves.
  14. Gronk might be as important as Brady to that team. I didn't fully realize it before this season. If the Jets find a way to beat the Bills next week.. I actually want to see the Pats beat the Dolphins. I would hate to see New England win the Division with 12 wins, and be in 2nd place with 11 wins.. lamenting those loses against the Eagles, Bills, Pats and Texans, all of which the Jets should've won imo.
  15. uh... wow