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  1. Fetisov never gets enough love imo. Nor does Stastny. Some of our younger fans also forget Guerin. I saw a guy get flamed pretty bad @ allaboutthejersey for not even knowing he started his career in NJ. Killer\Housley & Niewendyk were two of the bigger trades I remember getting very excited for. (and obviously, Vanbiesbrouck) I tell ya a guy that gets forgotten.. Carol Vadnais in ‘82, at the twilight of his career. Vadnais was one of the greatest defensemen of the 70’s, who got robbed a couple Norris trophies, during an era when no one other than Orr won them. He was a 6x All-Star, won a World Championship, 2 Stanley Cups. Great player. Rest in Peace.
  2. I'm actually very surprised that there hasn't been more talk of an Iginla\Devils marriage than there's been. We're desperate for RW help. Okay.. he didn't have a great season last year... but his game did improve on a better team in LA. He played over 60 games on the dogsh!t Av's, and scored only 8 goals. Then he gets traded to the Kings, and scored 6 goals his first 14 games. I'd kick the tires if I were Shero.
  3. Sign me up too. Then trade Kovy and a conditional 3rd to the Habs for Galchenyuk. Galchenyuk, Henrique, Nico, Hall, Palmieri, Thornton.. your Top 6. #LetsGo
  4. I'd love Joe. Type of character this team craves. -- The thing is, Joe's never won a Cup.. so, would he really want to come to a rebuilding team @ 38? The Devils would have to ensure him he'd be moved to a contender at the deadline if we were on the outside looking in. It is very Shero like to have at least 1 older vet on the team, that he can trade for pick(s) at the deadline if we suck. Iginla's a RW which we need, and has history with Shero from his Penguin days.
  5. I don't really sandwich the fans who voted "don't like them, but they're not terrible" with the 19 of 50+ who hate\despise them. (and again, 50 is such a small sample size) If you hate them that much, then you're never going to buy one, regardless how much success the team has wearing them. To the fans who feel they're not terrible.. I want to believe that they'll grow on them as the season progresses, when the Devils start playing with them, winning with them, bleeding in them, battling with them, etc. It takes a history and backstory to form a bond with something.. and these jersey's currently have neither. I personally like them, and think they will sell reasonably well. EDIT: At the very least, they created a buzz, and an internet murmur, that got people talking about the Devils during the summer. However you feel about the jersey, such attention in June\July is never a bad thing.
  6. I too wanted Patrick. At 200 pounds already, he just seemed like he had more of an NHL frame. The closer the draft got, the more Hischier closed the gap.. and you could feel it slipping away from Patrick. We'll see.. I guess only time will tell. EDIT: And yes.. I'll be buying a Nico Adizero aswell.
  7. Minority among who? The zealots? I'm crushed. I also like the new jersey's.
  8. Lol.. And like I said.. the true grunts will bellow once fans start going to games and see several other fans wearing the new jersey's. My brother-in-law's a big Devils fan. Been a fan since 94. Goes to 5-8 games a year, and he's pumped for the new jersey's. When I told him about the negative reaction this morning from HF & NjDevs, he's like: "what's njdevs?"
  9. You're trying to be cute, but you know exactly what I meant. There's an obvious grey area between teasing, and making someone's experience at a game unenjoyable. I refuse to take your bait further than I already did. If you want the last word beyond this, be my guest.
  10. A passing joke's alot different than a drunk publicly hosing a dude for wearing the new threads. I meant what I said. Edit: And there's no "high horse" here either. Just utter hilarity from reading the jersey tripe the last 24 hours.
  11. I guarantee you, there will be bullsh!t between fans over this nonsense. You mix passionate opinions, with alcohol.. and then you get bullsh!t. If that ever happens around me.. I'm begin taken out in cuffs.
  12. There's half-a-million followers on their official twitter. Say they got 500 calls\e-mails, (and I honestly don't think it's anywhere close to that) --Highfive!
  13. I said it in another thread somewhere (forgot where) but: what if the shoulders are red? Thrown out??? They would have to come and fvcking arrest me. If I ever see a fellow fan being verbally assaulted by another joker for sporting our new jersey, that guy's going down.