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  1. Yanks going for the sweep later tonight against the defending champs. If they win, they'll be 20-9. No words as a fan witnessing all this. No words.
  2. Jets selected Safety, Jamal Adams last night. They say it's a gift that he fell to the Jets. No one seemed to have him dropping any further than 2 or 3. Seems like a good pick.. but this is the 10th time the Jets have drafted defense in the 1st round since 2007. We'll see.
  3. Had someone told me a month ago, that the Yanks would be this hot heading into May.. no way I would've believed them. But here we are, 12 wins over our last 15 games.. and we're doing it without Didi & Sanchez. I don't normally post my Yankee opinions here. I go to another board usually.. but, truth-be-told, I'm eating alot of crow over there right now, because I was hard on Cashman for selling as quickly as he did last year @ the trade-deadline. (by August 1st 2016, the Yankees were only 4 games back from the wildcard) Boy was I wrong. A week later against the Sox, the Yankees went on a 4 game winning streak.. and we've been an astonishing 40-28 since. .600 baseball, off what was being billed as a: "rebuild" by the front office. We'll see how this season plays out. If this keeps up, alot of fans (starting with me) will be owing Brian Cashman a huge apology. Go Yanks.
  4. Seriously. While we're at it let's ruminate over the new laces on the skates.
  5. We've missed the playoffs 6 times over the last 7 seasons. If a redesign brings back sustained success.... then they can come out with rainbows for all I care.
  6. QC's got better coffee anyway.
  7. I almost wonder if the end game here isn't Cutler. And all this hoopla of "QB visits" leaked to the media, is just posturing by the Jets.. in an effort to get Cutler at the absolute lowest price possible.
  8. Denver did a pretty good job too. Let's assume Cutler does sign with the Jets. His offensive coordinator's since 2008 would be as followed... Rick Dennison, Ron Turner, Mike Martz, Mike Tice, Marc Trestman, Aaron Kromer, Adam Gase, Dowell Loggains, John Morton. 9 offensive coordinator's, in 9 years! Don't even need to put Morton up there either, because whatever team he signs with.. that'll be his 9th different OC over the past 9 years. How he's still in the league at all without sounding like rain man is beyond me. And THAT's what separates a weak GM from a strong GM. That's where Maccagnan will be tested. If he stays away from Cutler because it will be teased by the talking heads.. then being a General Manager is not for him.
  9. I can't see the Jets thought process on McCown being anything more than a backup to either Watson and\or Cutler. If they're serious here about McCown being the starter for 2017. Genuinely serious.. about a 38 year guy, with 18 wins over his last 60 starts.. heading to his 10th different team in a 12 year span --- then you can count me out for this upcoming season. Sorry. As I've said before.. the days of me giving up my Sunday afternoon's to have my intelligence insulted, are officially OVER. Why not just keep Fitzpatrick, if you're telling your fanbase that this is the "bridge" solution to the next guy? If they're really REALLY serious about this, they better prepare for an empty stadium. Absolutely pathetic.
  10. Forgetting Revis would be pretty lofty. If he can make me forget about Juston Burris, I'll call it a win for the Jets. I didn't follow Clairborne that closely in 2014. I know 2015 was considered the year he start putting it all together, and 2016 was his breakout season. PFF ranked him the 9th best CB in the league Week 13 of last season before he got injured. I'll keep my expectations low until I see (at least) a 10 game body of work. But I'm very pleased we chose Claiborne over guys like Flowers & Carr.
  11. I saw this. I absolutely love this move. He's peaking as a player at the perfect time. Thank God he just signed without visiting us before hand.
  12. Yup. In today's article, Manish claims that people are saying Mo is tipping the scales too. Seems like Bowles is running a food orgy on 1 Jets Drive.
  13. More flux than the Broncos? 2007-2017. Jake Plummer, Kyle Orton, Patrick Ramsey, Brady Quinn, Chris Simms, Jay Cutler, Tim Tebow, Peyton Manning, Brock Osweiler, Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch.. and highly likely.. Tony Romo next. Equally.. the HC's... Mike Shanahan, Josh McDaniels, Eric Studesville, John Fox, Gary Kubiak, Vance Joseph. 10 years.. 12 quarterbacks.. 6 head coaches. 5 Division Titles.. 2 Conference Championships.. 1 Superbowl. Flux like that? The Jets don't have sustainable success for the same reason the Bills & Dolphins don't have sustainable success. We play in the same division as the Brady and the Patriots. The greatest dynasty in the league since 2002. Before that Peyton and the Colts were in our division from 1997-2001. That's been the last 20 years of the AFC East. That's our division. That's why it's been hard. Not flux.
  14. Fvck that bro. If they can't right the ship, then get rid of them both. Seriously.. as bad has Bowles has been -- and he's been awful -- Maccagnan has equally done a poor job. If 2017 turns into another laugher, then they don't deserve to get a 4th season.
  15. I'm sure I forgot several other players over the course of the last year. Kinda says something about Bowles & Maccagnan don't it? The fact that after a player meets one\both of them, they go running. That sh!t never happened with Mr. T & Rex. A player would have dinner with Rex, and then run home to pack his bags. Rex --> Bowles Mr. T --> Maccagnan Sanchez --> ??? I remember how badly everyone wanted to run out the old regime. 3 years later, where the fvck are we?? How's that old saying go? -- "Careful what you wish for."