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  1. NFL Week 3

    My personal beef with the whole thing is just that Has. What is this all about in the first place? I think whenever anyone has a movement, and\or protest that engulfs an entire country.. that can potentially be extremely dangerous, and create a dystopian groupthink environment. I agree, America is far from perfect.. and there are issue's we need to address with solutions at hand. But it's difficult to listen with an open mind when the leader of all this wore socks with pigs dressed as law enforcement.. and said he wasn't going to vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in last years election, because they were both racists. When you kick-start your mantra in the light.. people become very defensive, and won't listen (or don't want to listen) to whatever it is that you were trying to illustrate in the first place. Furthermore.. is it pragmatic to coalesce every single sentiment that's being played out here? By my count you have 3 main issues as play: #1)The 1st Amendment Right\Free Speech. #2)Whatever the issue(s) the players are\were protesting to begin with. (BLM, Cops, etc) #3)The players\owners who are protesting being told that they have limited first amendment rights. I think all these issues seemingly being combined is what's causing immense conflict and frustration with people. You can't have clear conversations anymore.. and now the entire crusade has seemingly been reduced to yet another Anti-Trump Cliche. When you say: "free speech should be non-negotiable" --I think the main issue people take with that is: Even with free speech, there are limitations in the workplace. Yes..... under the constitution, I have the right to go into work tomorrow and walk around the office with one fist up in the air to demonstrate if I wanted to. I have the right to continually repeat "Fvck the Police" if I wanted to. Equally.. my company would be in the right handing me a letter of termination. Because despite free speech.. there's a code of conduct to adhere to at the workplace. That behavior isn't allowed. Many people have countered me with: "well.. it's allowed in the NFL" --the problem is, it isn't. The specific rule pertaining to the national anthem is found on pages A62-63 of the league rulebook. Under United States Code 36, USC ยง 301 the behavior you're seeing from some players protesting is not allowed.. and could result in "fines, suspensions, and\or disciplinary action" from the league. The NFL is not enforcing this.. and for whatever reason you may want to think.. THAT is what people want clarity on. Regarding the Jimmy Kimmel's having to "stay in their lane" and keep away from political topics.. again, I think moderation is called for. There's quite a difference between staying off topic, and beating a dead horse. Why does it always have to be one extreme or the other in this country. I know it's been common practice to take shots and joke about the President and politics for the past hundred years. But when you get to the point when every single time you turn on late night talk.. or go to a broadway show.. or watch sports.. or watch an award show.. this is continually being force fed and jammed down your throat. There is no longer a place for someone to escape anymore. The result is a paradigm shift transpiring before our very eyes. Is there a coincidence that talk show revenue is down? Or that NFL ratings are down? Or that the Emmy's broke records with their lowest ratings in history? At the end of the day, I don't know what to think anymore. I think my confusion is shared by many. I just know that I'm extremely thankful to be an American, and to live in this great country. Despite all it's flaws.
  2. The Devils Uniforms

    Whether you love the jersey's or you hate 'em... this news pleases me. $afe to $ay, the Devils are pleased with this as well.
  3. 2017 JETS

    The well run organizations know that drafting a young kid is only half of the equation. Signing a QUALITY veteran, IN ADDITION.. is the other half. When you look at some of the other great QB's in the league, they were drafted onto teams that ALREADY had a great quarterback. Eli Manning had Kurt Warner. Rodgers had Favre. Prescott had Romo. Brady had Bledsoe. Rivers had Brees. etc. By doing this, you're creating a three-fold panacea. #1) You're allowing the kid you draft to get mentored by a guy who absolutely commands respect from everyone around him. #2) You're showing the kid that you're not just handing him the spoils without a competition. #3) In the event that the kid isn't ready, and he needs a season holding a clipboard... you still have a guy that can win you games, with the kid you drafted looking on, learning from one of the best. ---- The Jets have never operated this way in 40 years. The times when they actually do go out and sign a veteran (like Favre) there isn't anyone behind him with a legitimate future. The times when they draft a kid high in the draft.. like Sanchez.... they put Mark Brunell behind him. They came close on 2 occasions. Testaverde\Pennington.. and Geno & Vick. It didn't work with the latter, because Michael Vick wasn't really Michael Vick anymore. I want Sean Payton & Drew Brees. From eveything I'm reading, both are gone next year. Bring in Payton, and let him run everything. The entire program.. give him the keys to city. It might be easier than you think given the ties with John Morton. Then go draft Rosen\Darnold\Allen, and have them follow Brees everywhere he goes. If he has a bowel movement, tell them to come back with copious notes.
  4. 2017 JETS

    It was. I sometimes wonder if this whole exodus of a season, isn't spite and punishment by Maccagnan against Bowles for 2015. Almost like: "Hey.... I gave you a very talented team, with very little holes, against a putrid schedule to make the playoffs.. and you got blocked by Rex? With the roster I built for you.... you let Rex sweep us and out-coach you, to the point where now MY ass is on the line, so, here....... coach yourself a dogsh!t team into the playoffs without my help, and go fvck yourself"
  5. Damon Severson Re-Signed

  6. 2017 JETS

    They never should've signed Fitz in the first place. Year 1 was an apparition. He walked into a situation where his o-line still had a Mangold & D'Brick, along with Winters, Carpenter and Giacomini. His WR's were Marshall, Decker, Kerley and a fantastic rookie named Enunwa. Behind him were Ivory & Powell in the backfield. On defense the front-office spent a fortune on the $econdary (Cromartie, Skrine, Revis, Gilchrist, etc) the front seven were: Harris, Richardson, Snacks, Wilkerson, Williams, Pace. Most importantly.... NOBODY got injured. The roster wasn't the 99 Rams.. but it was enough to have a veteran QB muster up 9 wins (out of 10) against teams that were under .500 that season, with the 4th ranked easiest schedule in the league. --which is exactly what the Jets did-- That season was smoke & mirrors.. and an intelligent GM would've\should've recognized that, heading into the following year.
  7. NFL Opening Week

    To be fair though.. how long can the man keep defying Father time? I know it's only 1 game, but the guy is in his 40's now. Eventually... I don't know when, but eventually.... it's going to happen. I expect the Pats to rebound next week. But if Brady has another game completing 40% of his passes.. then maybe "eventually" is now.
  8. 2017 JETS

    6 if you include Tom Moore.. depending on who you believe, or what you read. Peter Schwartz once said that Moore was basically calling every play towards the end of the 2011 season. Even more upsetting is the front office. I have a feeling Maccagnan won't stick around for a 4th season after the inevitable 0-16 year we're about to have. The next guy will be the 4th GM since 2012. Think about that. They're a joke organization. An organization that deserves all the negative press they get.
  9. Craig Carton arrested by FBI

    Nobody cares about Carton Daniel
  10. 2017 JETS

    Talk about continuity.. Kerley's career with the Jets, reads like a casting call for Larry Sanders.. 2011: Derrick Mason, Plaxico Burress, Jeremy Kerley -- OC: Brian Schottenheimer 2012: Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes, Jeremy Kerley -- OC: Tony Sparano 2013: Jeremy Kerley, Clyde Gates, Stephen Hill -- OC: Marty Mornhinweg 2014: Percy Harvin, Eric Decker, Jeremy Kerley -- OC: Marty Mornhinweg 2015: Brandon Marshall, Quincy Enunwa, Jeremy Kerley -- OC: Chan Gailey 2017: Jermaine Kearse, Robby Anderson, Jeremy Kerley -- OC: John Morton
  11. 2017 Miami Dolphins thread

    I'd be furious if I were a Dolphins fan. That Bye week was right before the New England game. The fish actually ran shop (if memory serves) last season against our division. They went either 4-2 or 5-1. They always play the Pats tough too.
  12. Craig Carton arrested by FBI

    My job requires alot of car time.. so, I'm constantly listening to WFAN. I was never a fan of Craig's, as much as I like the B&C show in general. Interesting to see what action the station takes now. The show is immensely popular. And, they're already losing Big Mike in 3 months.
  13. 2017 JETS

    Jeff Graham? Who was Jeff Graham? The second coming of Julio Jones? Graham was a decent player, but so is Bilal Powell. Regarding Jumbo Elliot, yes.. he was a quality 7 year veteran when the Jets signed him. But that doesn't mean they weren't trying to tank for Peyton. Last I checked, Morris Claiborne was signed here this offseason too. "Tanking" 20 years ago was also more inconspicuous. Regarding Tuna, I have never heard that before today. I have heard Kyle Brandt say that Peyton didn't dig the Jets organization on Good Morning Football though.. and I don't know why that would have anything to do with an established HC like Parcells.
  14. 2017 JETS

    There's no guarantee that the Suck for Sam campaign will actually get the Jets Darnold. The Jets tried this EXACT SAME TACTIC exactly 20 years ago, when they chased out Big Boomer and every other talented player they had in order to deliberately go 1-15 and draft Peyton Manning. It failed. Manning wasn't thrilled at how the Jets organization was running, and he decided to stay an additional year in college. From everything I'm reading, it seems like Darnold is less than enthusiastic about coming here. History repeat itself? http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/70802/uscs-sam-darnold-clams-up-when-asked-about-playing-for-jets Oh yes it is. Hack slipped into the 2nd round in-part because he had Carr syndrome. He was beat up behind a poor o-line, and really needed to be drafted by a team who could protect him. Maccagnan took him anyway, even with the foresight in knowing that his (already old) offensive line, would be gone in one year time. The Jets were not the team to gamble on a guy like Hackenberg. He should've went to someone like the Rams or Cowboys, who have a good YOUNG o-line. And now, notwithstanding.. you gauge him on a team without Marshall, Decker, Enunwa, any legitimate TE, a Frankenstein-like offensive line.. and, oh yeah.. let's trade Forte too?! So you're essentially admitting that you THREW AWAY a 2ND ROUND PICK only ONE YEAR LATER.... FOR NOTHING??!!!! Don't tell me that's a small strike 7. That's Mike Milbury sh!t. The Colts didn't do what the Jets are doing CR. Daniel beat me to it. They discovered that Peyton was going to miss the season, and they did the best they could (on an already flawed team) with the cards they were dealt. They still went into that season with more talented players and veterans that the Jets have currently. NO TEAM has so blatantly done what the Jets are doing in recent memory. Sure.. you can sight teams that have tanked before the Jets here and there... but that only lends MORE credibility in the NFL putting their foot down now, in the wake of the Jets. When the Devils signed Kovalchuk to 17 years, 100 million dollars.. yes, there were several examples of other teams circumventing prior to the Kovy\NJ deal. But it was THAT deal, so flagrantly obvious, that caused the NHL to put their foot down. I guarantee you, we will all see a draft lottery VERY soon based on how the Jets have whored themselves this offseason.
  15. 2017 JETS

    Difficult to say that when everyone's landed on their feet CR. (with the exception of Revis) The Giants signed Geno & Marshall.. Tampa signed Fitz & Folk.. Houston signed Gilchrist & Breno.. Pryor went to Cleveland.. Decker's on the Titans.. Harris to the Pats, and (from everything I'm reading) it looks like Mangold will be with the Skins by next week. I've never heard of that before. I've never heard of 10 guys getting cut, and all finding other gigs within a month. It'd be one thing if they were wandering around unsigned.. but that didn't happen. And would I want Geno Smith & Ryan Fitzpatrick back? My answer is: Over who? Would I want them back for Glennon, Cutler, or sh!t.. even RG3? --no. But would I take either of them back over Hackenberg, an injured Petty, and\or Josh fvcking McCown? That's like asking me if I'd rather 6 day old leftovers over dog food. No one wants the leftovers.. but they'll eat it over Kibbles & Bits. Exactly. That's all any fan ever wants... hope. Even if they know they're going to have a bad year, make them aware that the organization isn't TRYING to lose. What the Jets are doing is disgraceful. They're manipulating the system to get a franchise QB. It's dirty pool. This is not going to be some 3-4 win season.... this is going to be BAD. Like 0-16 bad. --and the fact that they deliberately orchestrated it to get their way? Sorry. I can never get behind that. I fully expect the league to step in (either during or after this season) with some sort of guideline(s).. that if any other team ever tries to pull what the Jets did, there will be consequences.