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  1. You're arguing against your own point CR. When you factor in problem child players that have a history, that is when the Head Coach deserves a mulligan. Because those players start trouble no matter where they go, or who coaches them. But when you're talking about players that have ZERO track-record(s) THAT's when red flags start to be raised. You said it yourself: These players never pulled this sh!t under Ryan. Revis was never out with his own entourage @ 2:30am in the morning "knocking guys out" under Ryan. You never heard that Mo Wilkerson was habitually late to practices\meetings. You never heard about any bullsh!t with Sheldon Richardson.. or Enemkpali breaking another players jaw. I don't bring up the hyjinx of Brandon Marshall, because again.. that's not on Bowles. Marshall was a clown WAY before he became a Jet. But other players that have seemingly had clean backgrounds.. that's alarming to me. They respected Rex enough, because he commanded that respect. What changed?
  2. You hit the nail on the head. If this was under Rex, they'd want him tar & feather'd in a public square. He's heading into his 3rd year with the Jets, and has shown absolutely no signs of growth whatsoever. The double-standard with this guy is nauseating.
  3. Thomas is 2x Probowl, 28 year old stud! I've wanted the Jets to get him for several years. 33 TD's over a span of 48 games. He's a redzone nightmare to defend, thanks to his 6'5½ frame. When he plays.. he scores. This was a great acquisition by Mike T.
  4. The criminal docket sheet has just been released on Revis. He is being charged with 4 counts of felony, and 2 misdemeanor. Terroristic Threats, Conspiracy, Theft & Robbery, and Aggravated Assault. There is an open warrant out for his arrest, but people close to him are saying he's going to turn himself over to the police. -- Revis turns 32 in July. ..and so ends the career of Darrelle Revis. Mindboggling. Simply mindboggling.
  5. I was too young to experience the afc championship in 1983. But those 3 title games in 1999, 2010 & 2011 still haunt me to this day as a Jets fan. It's astonishing we walked away empty on all three occasions.
  6. Woody's a good owner, who's misunderstood. He will still be involved in all things Jets.. he'll just do it week-to-week, instead of day-to-day.
  7. Yeah.. I did. And in no way shape or form was our defense as horrid as the Saints. There's a lot of overstatements\exaggerations when it comes to football, especially in this area with the NY media\fans.. and the Jets are falling into that right now after last season. The defense finished 11th.. it's hot garbage! Revis had a bad year.. so he's finished. Mangold, Carpenter, Giacomini, Winters all got hurt.. that means our o-line's in shambles. It's exhausting hearing it. The Jets are in no way a very good team.. but they're not a very bad team either. --and I'm confident that we'll have a bounce-back year next season to prove my statement. This doesn't have to be a 4-5 year process. The Giants proved that in June. With the proper tweaks here & there, Maccagnan can turn this around very quickly.. and yes, acquiring a QB the caliber of Rivers\Brees\Romo solves 75% the Jets issues. That's bullsh!t, and you know it. What would you care the state of the Jets in the year 2021, when your team just had a 10 win season and made the playoffs?? You're trying to build off of what you had last year. Trying to improve on last year with the players you have currently.. and you'd be happy playing in a Division with Brees & Brady, because it would cripple the Jets 4 years from now? rubbish. I've always maintained that.. which is why the Jets can never win the AFC East, as long as BB & TB are still around. Even in years like last season, where the Jets won 10 games off of sub .500 teams.. the Pats played the same teams, and won 12. In 2010 the Jets won 11 games -- didn't matter.. the Pats won 13. etc..
  8. Brees vs the elements: Kurt Warner's stint with the Giants is also misunderstood. That was a very flawed team. Warner was given 9 starts, and he posted a respectable 5-4 record. Then they gave Eli the remaining 7 games, and he went 1-6. Warner didn't struggle because of late-summer\earl-fall like conditions with the Giants playing in September & October.
  9. I don't ever believe in a "full rebuild" when it comes to football. The NHL\MLB\NBA, sure.. but not football. The NFL is so crazy that each and every year, you have a viable shot to do damage. The 2012 Ravens were riddled with flaws. The 9-7 Giants from 2011 the same story. That didn't stop them from winning Superbowls. It's the NFL. It's a season where (depending on mathups, injuries, luck, etc) you can trip your way into a 9-10 win season. And then in the playoffs it's single elimination where anything's possible. The 2016 Jets are the exact same team as the 2015 Jets.. with the exception of Jeff Cumberland, Jeremy Kerley & Antonio Cromartie. Don't tell me that they were the difference in a 5 win swing.. because they weren't. Time and time again over the last 10 years, you'll see examples of teams doing exceptional things with numerous holes on their teams. Hasselbeck's Seahawks, Grossman's Bears, Kaepernick's 49ers.. they all found their way into Superbowls, with very flawed teams. EDIT: Regarding your point on: "Bree's hasn't turned his own team around" Have you watched Saints games this season?? A 41-38 victory against Carolina, with Brees throwing 4 TD's, 465 yrds. A 48-41 victory against Arizona, with Brees throwing 4 TD's, 400 yrds. A 41-33 games against SF, with Brees again throwing 4 TD's. Another 4 TD performance against the Rams where the Saints scored 49 points. THEIR DEFENSE IS DOGSH!T. They're a 2-14\3-13 team without Brees. It's actually AMAZING that he's gotten that team --void of talent-- a game below .500 this season. If they're a losing team with a guy that notched 40 TD's, 5,000+ yrds.. how many wins are they registering with the next guy that comes after Brees?
  10. Yes. (and that's an easy question to answer) I don't think the Saints would be stupid enough to trade Brees. But if they were to entertain a trade with the Jets.. I would make that in a heartbeat. Favre played until he was 42. Testaverde was 43. Brady will probably play until he's 45. As long as the QB is still producing, who cares how old he is. QB's are playing later and later. Brees is coming off a year throwing 5,000+ yrds, 40 TD's. If Maccagnan can get 3 seasons out of Brees, they should build a statue of him @ MetLife. I'll worry about who's playing QB for the Jets in 2020. Until then, give me Brees.
  11. You're arguing against your own point here. "Elite QB's turn 4-12 teams into 12-4" --END! The conversation ends there. When I look at Brees, (and the mess the 2016 season was for the Jets) I don't look at him as a guy that will cure the defense. I look at the games I lost, and wonder: Could I have won them with Brees? A 21-3 loss to the Chiefs. A 23-22 loss to Cincinnati. A 22-17 loss to the Pats. A 9-6 loss to the Rams. etc. You'd be amazed how a franchise QB can magician 3 or 4 more wins out of a smoke & mirrors team. As is.. the Jets somehow won 5 games, with the 32nd worst QB play in the NFL. EDIT: And for everything everyone says about how bad the Jets defense was this season.. they practically finished Top 10 in the league. The revered New York Giants (who everyone and their Mothers sucked off all year) actually finished only one spot above the Jets, after spending: $200,000,000.00 LITERALLY in the offseason. If you judge them fairly, the Jets stabilized mid-season defensively. It wasn't until Week 13 after they lost that 9-6 game where the defense said fvck this and mailed it in. The Saints defense finished 27th in the league.
  12. Bingo. You can easily say the same thing about Gross here, taking a different stance off a hot-button topic siting a unidentified source. "The colors and logo will stay the same" --thanks pal, but.. no one ever really thought they'd change in the first place. In other news, the North won the Civil War.
  13. Good point on Glennon. I actually think that both Rivers & Brees could be available too (if the price is right) despite no one really mentioning them. 4 of the last 5 seasons for New Orleans have ended 7-9. You're going to tell me that if the Jets dangle the 6th overall pick in the draft.. the Saints ain't gonna bite? --doubtful
  14. Glennon, Cousins, Taylor, McCarron, RGIII, Romo, McCown, Cutler, Kaepernick, Hoyer, Garoppolo.. the Jets have their pick of the litter. Cimini breaks it down. Next season, for the Jets.. BEGINS NOW!
  15. "When you get to this point in the journey.. not alot needs to be said. Let's say very little moving forward. Let's start our preparations now. We just spotted these assh*les [Patriots] a day and a half. They played yesterday. Our game got moved to tonight. We're going to touch down at 4 o'clock in the fvcking morning. So be it! We'll be ready for their ass. Keep a low profile, and let's get ready to ball like this up there again in a few days, and be right back at it. That's our story." --Mike Tomlin