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  1. Shoot me a pm, I can meet up tomorrow or saturday evening
  2. GDT 3/19/13: NY Rags @ Devils

    Anyone have a live stream of devils broadcast? firstrowsports is blocked at work
  3. GDT New Jersey Devils vs. The Lightning 7pm MSG+

    Anyone else losing sound from msg+ feed?
  4. Rangers Fan Claims She Was Assaulted Saturday

    This girl went to school with my girlfriend, she said she has trashy, has a baby daddy down in north carolina, shes also been a stripper. The baby daddy down in NC has some blackmail on this chick and so on, girlfriend said shes probably used to getting some sort of fluid on her face
  5. Devils Fantasy Challenge

    I got a suite for the highest month for the senators game, suite 201 it was the corner the devs attack twice awesome view.
  6. Devils Fantasy Challenge

    A little update : Got the four tickets today Section 12 row 22, still haven't received a puck though.
  7. Devils Fantasy Challenge

    Havent been told, im assuming that will come with the tickets
  8. Devils Fantasy Challenge

    Yea, forgot about this thread...it took 3 weeks to finally hear from the devils after many attempts from hotbox contacting them, I got 4 tickets to December 8th vs Senators and a autographed puck, when i receive the tickets ill update what seats they are.
  9. Devils Fantasy Challenge

    If been in touch with hotbox sports, i've been told they contacted the devils and the devils would reach out to me, this was last Wednesday. Still waiting to hear from them
  10. Devils Fantasy Challenge

    CCHEE would be me, i haven't received anything about prizes yet, there is still one more game left for this months contest so if im still in first by the end I'll let everyone know about the prizes
  11. Devils Hot Seat. Vanilla or Chocolate?

    So this is what their locker room conversations are about?
  12. Devils Free Ticket Contest to Saturdays Game 10/23

    just recieved a email saying i won a pair! woo!
  13. What Devils gifts did Santa bring YOU

    Tickets to game on 8th against thrashers, stanley cup banners, devil calender and devils jersey heritage collection
  14. GDT: Rangers @ Devils - 7PM

    Did anyone get what cangialosi was saying about how we scored a shorthanded goal the other time while it was a delayed penalty and it was still even stength? i had no clue what he was trying to say if we touched the puck the whistle would have blown..... maybe i just didnt hear it right