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  1. Oduya's Muffs

    Decent point but there is no way that you can compare Oduya with Neidermayer......That is just obsurd.
  2. White, Martin look ready

    Finally we will have someone that can clear out the front of the net.
  3. NHL top plays

    Ozolinsh must be off the sauce to make that diving save
  4. Is it time to call out Marty?

    Exactly....It is so obvious that he is thinking way too much this year because he doesn't trust one defensemen on this team. Who would??
  5. The Deadly Shutout

    6 total shutouts the past two seasons
  6. What has to change ,the Devils or Sutter?

    You know Lou is going to do something. He won't stand for this. They got shut out for the 5th time this year last night. They have only been shut out 6 times total for the two previous seasons.
  7. All Star balloting

  8. My Rant from the Hockey Hall of Fame Cermony

    It was probably one of the worst productions I have ever seen. Who designed the stage with the 70's themed colors and paper machet ring behind them??? And who booked that lame a$$ music act???
  9. An Unfair Label

    Oh how I loved watching Messier cry during his HOF speech. What a little B!TCH!!!!!
  10. Questions for Jeff Vanderbeek

    What is there not to get?? The seats are too small with no leg room.
  11. Questions for Jeff Vanderbeek

    I bought a damn ticket in the mezz for face value ($100) and I couldn't fit in the damn seat. I ended up standing by one of the tables the whole game!!!!
  12. HELLo

    Just wanted to say whats up....It nice to see so much Devil support!!! Fan since 85..... Go Devs!!