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  1. Hurricane Sandy

    Where are the island are you? By me, we had massive wind all Monday night/Tuesday Am. Lost power for about 6 hours and just small branches down. The area in front of my house looks like nothing happened. One block over looks like a war zone. There are cars crushed, roadways blocked by huge trees. and people with no power. This morning is 40' so it is pretty cold out. Several of my relatives/good friends in NJ suffered devastating losses. I have seen pictures sent from friends and it is heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected.
  2. Hurricane Sandy

    I work weekends and told my supervisor that I needed to leave as soon as the weather got bad. I was able to get home Monday morning before anything started. Once all my kids were home I felt ok. We lost power on Monday night at 8pm but it came back by 2:30am Tuesday. Plus I had cable, Internet and phone. I suffered no damage other than a few small branches that came down.Outside my house looks like nothing happened. I am extremely fortunate. But go about a block and there are crushed cars, trees blocking roads. It looks like a war zone. I have a number of relatives and good friends (not counting some of the greatest hockey fans in the world) who live in NJ and the ones I have heard from, the news it just heartbreaking. I have seen the pictures/videos and am sick to my stomach. Please know that I will continued to pray for all of you.
  3. Isles to Officially Move to Brooklyn

    Just read it on newsdaily.com I used to catch several games at the Coliseum when Devils played the Islanders. It is about a 30 minute drive from my house. But the parking is bad, the bathrooms suck and it is a general nightmare. It will now be a train ride to Brooklyn and a walk across the street. That is if I ever get hockey again
  4. Lockout 2012-2013 (Hockey's back!)

    That would be me too. I used to like baseball but have not been to a major league game since 94. I did go to a Long Island Ducks game once and it was so slooow that I realized why I am a "one sport" person. But this is getting old. Too many people who are supposed to be adults acting like children that don't play well in the sandbox and probably never will. My daughter is ready to kill me since I have no hockey and I have nothing to watch. I think curling is looking real good
  5. Feed Annoucement

    Can't say thanks enough. I work weekends with mentally ill adults and can't always get Devil games. I could always rely on your feed. Thanks for all you did.
  6. John Madden Retires

    I always loved that moment. Can't forget Game 7 against the Panthers either. After that collision with Kopecky, just stitch him up and throw him back on the ice. Always loved that about him. Good luck maddog! I wish the best for him.
  7. Hi-Res Scott Stevens "You're Next" Pic?

    Just switched to a new site at my job. House is full of Ranger fans. Henrique is my new desktop picture. Wait till the supervisor comes back from vacation on Monday
  8. Twitter anyone?

    I love this. @njdjlc
  9. And that is the problem. It gets worse by the day as more and more comes out. The constant spinning of information (what I really meant was) is like a 5 year-old trying to cover up for doing something bad. The smartest thing he could have done from the beginning was shut his mouth and say nothing. But that was not about to happen. He wants to go home and play with his little friend fine. Keep them all happy because I really don't care. As my old friend the Penguin said in Batman returns, "You gotta admit I played this stinkin' city like a harp from hell." It was more than one city he did that to.
  10. I am so happy Kovy can now lead.

    Well said
  11. The NHL must have loved LA winning the cup

    Just showed my daughter the picture. She looked at it and said you have to earn the right to raise it over your head. Idiot LA. (By the way, she is not a hockey fan but is a Pats fan.) Even she knew it was wrong
  12. The NHL must have loved LA winning the cup

    I thought that only people who actually earned the cup were allowed to raise it over their heads. I must have missed something. When was Beckham on the ice? Shows what LA knows about hockey.
  13. Stop the Panic

    My new Devils shirts and other assorted paraphernalia arrived from UPS today so I will be wearing it tomorrow including my hat. This has been a great run and I am proud of my boys. I have been following this team since they arrived in NJ and I am not about to throw them under the bus now. I love them when the win and love them when they lose. I have been to those heart breaker games (Carolina game 7) in person so I know the hurt. Could we have played better yes. Could things have gone more our way yes. But that is what makes hockey and Stanley Cup Playoffs great. I have enjoyed this playoff run immensely and IF we come up short I will be wearing my Devils stuff as much as ever. It's about Devils pride. Let's Go Devils!!!
  14. SCF True Believers Thread

    I have believed in (and loved) this team from when they arrived in New Jersey and will continue to do so until I take my last breath. I HAVE FAITH!! I BELIEVE!! LET'S GO DEVILS
  15. SCF True Believers Thread

    Let's Go Devils. I believe