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  1. bump!!! comon!!! i need those so badly
  2. bump! still looking
  3. I need two(2) tickets for home game against Rangers on February 1st. Please pm with anything you have - i want to see that game !!! Thank you
  4. what about Feb 1st vs Rangers ? anything?
  5. Hello all, This is my first post, but ive been with Devils for a while. - GO DEVILS - Anyways - there is this crazy Rangers fan who keeps talking bad about devils- saying how bad we suck and all that, she sent me this picture last night and it just makes me angry !!!! I need a comeback badly - does anyone have a similar picture - just for rangers to booo ? or something ? im out of ideas - and i just want flashy cool comebake to make her scream lol any help is appriciated - thx much here is the pic: