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  1. So now that 3-on-3 OT is happening, what about the format?

    The fact that some people think the NHLPA would be okay with their members playing continuous OT during the regular season is insane.
  2. Brodeur retires, joins STL front office

    Who wasn't even alive when Brodeur was drafted.
  3. I'm Interviewing Zach Parise...I Need Qs

    I'd like to know his honest answer to this : Which were you more excited for....waiting to get on the ice for the 2010 gold medal Olympic game, or waiting to get on home ice as a team captain for game 1 of the SCF in 2012.
  4. MSG Summer Ice

    Oh, this is the other game. Not the one I was thinking of. I was actually at this game. Walked out like a boss and got shoulder bumped by Liam Neeson while he was filming a scene. Great success.
  5. MSG Summer Ice

    Sold their soul to the Devil for a SCF appearance.
  6. MSG Summer Ice

    I'm in. Thanks. I remember watching this at the local brewery here in Poughkeepsie. Kid in a Rags jersey 2 feet next to me threw a hissy fit and bolted when Gelly put that rocket in. I ordered another beer because ain't no thang.
  7. Leafs fans bailing on Clarky already

    See : NY Rangers
  8. Devils logo for Stadium Series - retro is now confirmed

    No, he's right. The home team can choose to wear either white or color jerseys, they just need to let the opposing team know in advance.
  9. Food at The Rock

    What kind of beer was it?
  10. Guess who cam to my store part II

    I'd love to talk cameras with Zubes. I've been snubbing my gear for too long now.
  11. Because I know some of you love advanced stats

    Overpay or watch him retire somewhere other than NJ. Easy choice for me.
  12. Drew Doughty

    Lying about being raped is just as bad as someone getting raped. Either way, a life is literally ruined. I hope neither is true. Lying about being raped is just as bad as someone getting raped. Either way, a life is literally ruined. I hope neither is true.
  13. Commercials played during Devils games

    Rental car smells like suuunnsshhiinnneeee!!!!
  14. Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – January 15, 2012.

    And I wouldn't be surprised if Lou bitchslapped him and told him "I'm the one that knows hockey. Shut up."
  15. Upcoming Autograph Signings

    I went to the Parise signing as well. Left Poughkeepsie NY and got there around 8:30. Got my authentic signed and my GF was ECSTATIC to meet Zach finally, lol. He was extremely friendly, and thanked everyone he signed for.