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  1. Trenton Transactions 11/10/08 - Wow...Busy day

    who is this kid i didnt see anything in the DB
  2. Trenton Transactions 11/10/08 - Wow...Busy day

    do you know who was the ebug
  3. EBG for Elmira tonight

    although the fights looked to be towards the jackels devils controlled the whole game and elmira had NO heart what so ever
  4. EBG for Elmira tonight

    VDub gave the call to back up Elmira tonight so this will be the third team ive backed up in one season pretty exciting. So if any of you that are going to the game tonight i will be the back up goalie opening up the door!!!
  5. Devils Alumni vs. AHL/ECHL

    this was a lot of fun. Oktay is actually an old friend of mine from Rider U. Good hockey player. Kamenski played for the Devils alumni and was nothing short of still NHL quality into his early 40's. He skated around everyons effortless and his usual blank emotionless face. i think he was looking for another contract! He lit me up real good. Didnt really take it to heart considering i had ex NHLers scoring on me. Im sure they knew what they were doing!!! The Protec rink is a brand new rink of only 6 months owned by Eric Brule. Very beautiful rink it even has 2 mini rinks to promote young mite and learn to skate hockey. very cool. I forget the score of the game but we ECHL/AHL lost. ill post some pics soon. didnt really get much
  6. Devils Alumni vs. AHL/ECHL

    I will be playing in this... im sure all of you would maybe drool to be at this let alone be in the locker room!!! attached is the flyer and here is the website of the rink Protec Ponds Devs_vs_Ahl.pdf Devs_vs_Ahl.pdf
  7. New Jersey getting new minor league team

    I played in the MAHL when i wasnt backing up Dave or Smitty. It sucked. I had no less than 45 shots a game. I played for Valley Forge Freedom. I stood on my head and took 63 shots just to lose in OT. Then i still got sh!t from some of the players for not playing good enough. Some of the players have way too big of an ego and think they deserve the treatment that ECHL and higher teams get. Maybe they would of been happier if they got payed but im sure some of the guys would have still wanted more. This EPHL is a product of MAHL. The Freedom were supposedly splitting to Danbury, CT and AC, NJ. We will see what happens. But from what i see the MAHL is still up and running, IN FACT they have a new team. The South Shore Shooters out of IN. Im not sure if i want to play again.
  8. Wii sucks?

  9. def was a nice piece and im honored to be a part of it.
  10. NJDevs.com at a Minor League

    hey we can use some fans to help trenton fill those stands. attendance is pretty poor
  11. what are you drinking?

    just got another 1/4 of miller lite for the meister
  12. NHL.com Article on Dave Caruso

    good stuff
  13. Exploding Zamboni Video

    from what im told the engine caught on fire some mishap or something i still play some hockey there and coach there. my practice actually got pushed from today to tomorrow