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  1. Kings Or Ducks: Who's Better?

  2. The Us Soldier

    Great post...i have many good friends that are in the war right...they're the greatest group of guys i know. I hope they come through this alright and everyday i think of them and pray for their safe return. Go America!!! I love all our guys and gals that are fighting for our country.
  3. A Devils Fan Behind Every Corner

    Actually i also met a hockey fan at the DMV in Arizona..i was changing my license to AZ and the guy that was issuing it to me said "you're leaving the wonderful NJ Devils for the awful Coyotes"
  4. Who Will You Root For?

    This is a big IF guys...i'm not being pessimistic here but it's something that's been bothering me. If we wont make it past the 1st round, who will you root for? will you stay in the East or pack up West? Last year i was rooting for Montreal (they're my second fav team) but since this year it looks like the Rags have a better chance of making it to the playoffs then the Canadiens, i'll probably have to root for the Sens.
  5. i though this site was pretty funny http://theforce.net/humor/topten/ct10_swis...rthanlotr.shtml
  6. Gomez Needs To Get Better

    When asked why Gomez was benched?...Burn replied "he just needs to get better" I guess our players get better by not playing...gotta love the logic
  7. Usama Bin Laden

    '7' Not me....i like the way this country is being run, I love GWB. After so many years of Clinton, i need 4 more years of GW to recover. Go America!!!! Good luck to our boys overseas. Thanks for protecting this country. I love all of ya.
  8. If We Were To Strip Stevens Of The "c"

    Neiwy....he just looks like the captain type
  9. I Am Sorry I Feel This Way

    I'd have to agree on somethings with SC devil. Devil style hockey does get boring and tedious but thats just how they play. it works for them and they do win, but its not the most entertaining team to watch. even our break aways are boring because the devils cant do a move and get pass the goalie. Instead they shoot right at the middle of his padding and eventaully make a mediocre goalie look like a superstar. On powerplays or if they're losing, most of the guys dont even hustle to get a goal, instead they skate around behind brodeur and waste time. It does get frustrating to watch. Although the devs are doing good, i dont know how they can get past a ruthless team like Toronto.
  10. Breakaway Time

    I have lost all hope for Elias scoring on a breakaway. Elias's puck control is horrible. I dont even pay attention anymore when he has the puck cause i know he wont score. I've always liked Madden, especially in the first game against Ottawa. Rupp's pretty good and i'm impressed with him but he's still young in this league. I think we're gonna hear alot more of him soon. Gomez sometimes seems scared of shooting the puck, whenever he's on a breakaway he passes even if there's no one to pass to. So i would have to go with Friesen or Langenbrunner. All around good scoring guys, especially Friesen lately.
  11. P R E D I C T I O N S - N Y R @ N J

    1-0 Devs- Schwabbie will play
  12. Why Do You Love Hockey?

    Great things about hockey: goalie fights and for the girls- cute foreign men
  13. Is Elias Irritating Anyone Else?

    Elias is definatly not the player he used to be. I'm also irritated by his meager performance and it seems to me like he just gave up trying. It seems to me like the Sykora syndrome, after the raise he's just not showing us what he's worth.
  14. P R E D I C T I O N S B O S @ N J

    Devs 3 Bruins 2- in OT