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  1. Help the Devils fill The Rock

    Wikipedia gets a bad rap, however independent studies show it is more accurate than the Encyclopedia Brittanica.
  2. Help the Devils fill The Rock

    Great, I do all this work, all this research, and the Flyers already beat me to it. Seriously though, I realize there's a lot more meat that would need to go into something like this if I were to expect a meeting with Jeff Vanderbeek, which I don't. I was limited to 15 pages of text for this project. Believe me, I could have written a thesis on this. There is a lot of research on fan loyalty programs and using CRM in sports.
  3. Help the Devils fill The Rock

    All, couldn't post the paper on the board, not sure why. Check out http://www.devilsrule.com/mb/viewtopic.php...ix&start=40 for the full text
  4. Help the Devils fill The Rock

    Thanks so much to all who have submitted surveys so far. Special thanks to Norman who went above and beyond and emailed a picture of how small the distance is between the seat and the rail in front of him. FYI, the more info on the survey, the better. I strongly encourage you to write a novel if you like. This is great stuff! I'm in the researching phase until tomorrow most likely, when I'll start putting pen to paper. Or finger to keyboard... thanks all, and keep them coming, felix
  5. Help the Devils fill The Rock

    Hi, I'm an MBA student at UConn, and for my term project, I'm creating a marketing program designed to get more people to attend Devils games. The survey below is part of my research, and offers you a chance to express your opinion about the Devils, their new arena, and what you think can be done to increase attendance. When I complete my project I'll submit it, along with the information from this survey, to the NJ Devils marketing department and Jeff Vanderbeek. 1. How old are you? 2. Male/Female 3. Where do you live (city/state)? 4. Married? 5. Number of kids 6. How long have you been a Devils fan? 7. On what date did you last attend a Devils game? 8. How many games did you go to last year at the Continental Airlines arena? 9. How many games have you attended at the Rock? 10. If you have attended at least one game, a. What are your thoughts on the new arena? b. How much did you spend per ticket for each game? c. What is the max you would spend on a regular season ticket? 11. What are the positives about the new arena? Please rank in order of importance to you. 12. What are the negatives about the new arena? Please rank in order of importance to you. 13. How many games do you plan to attend this year? 14. What impacts your decision to attend or not to attend Devils games the most? (ex. Ticket price, arena location, etc.) 15. Why do you think attendance has been low for Devils games? 16. What would get you to go to more games? 17. Please add any other thoughts you feel relevant here. After you complete the survey, please paste it into an email and send it to: rlevin1792@gmail.com. I'll analyze the data and use it to create the marketing program. When I'm done with the paper I'll post it to the message board. Thank you very much for your participation!