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  1. 2nd group mulling NHL in Hamilton, Ont.

    I've been to quite a few games in Glendale and - after the Devils - the Coyotes are my favorite team. However, hockey in the desert at 85 degrees in December just doesn't feel quite right. No wonder not too many people care about hockey down there. The same can be said for a place like Tampa Bay. On the other hand, many years ago I've been to Quebec to watch the Nordiques play Buffalo, Boston and Montreal. Boy, that was a hockey town. Everybody was talking hockey, it was cold and hockey just seemed like a natural there. To me, the NHL has never been the same after Quebec and Winnipeg moved and the NHL expanded into markets, that are just not right for hockey. Yes, I would be sad if the Coyotes left, but on the other hand, this would probably be the right decision for hockey.