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  1. Finally

    Cmon' dawg, ya got old heads in dey 30s callin' each otha kid or son. Feel mey? It's all luv homie. But, seein how ya ain't cool wit kid, I call u fam den lik I do to most peeps. Bet?
  2. Pro-jerseys.com

    Damn, that's str8 up false advertising. Well, technically it isn't as far as the jersey being authentic, cuz it was. I guess the part about the lettering and so forth not being authentic was in the small print. That's why I'm so wary of buying things, especially clothes, from online stores or ebay. Sorry to hear about the loss martys.
  3. Which is the better jersey?

    Ok, guys thanx alot. I really appreciate all the info. If you're ever by 232, just holler out for me. I'll get you guys a beer to show my appreciation. Thanx a lot.
  4. Which is the better jersey?

    Ring and Steve, are these for authentic jerseys?
  5. Whos going to the atlanta game?

    I'll have to agree with Crasher, there is nothing better than football on a Sunday, but when your team is the Raiders, hockey can count as a great fillin. 232 here, and we'll c ya at the game.
  6. Finally

    Yo kid, you mad funny. You's alright. Ya pops was postin' somethin on another thread. It was somewhat confusin' 'bout the two different styles of writin' til he said he was ya pops. Aight, well hope to c ya 2day at 5. I'll be droppin by 230 2 c if I can spot ya. Fa shizzle. One. Let's Go DEVILS!
  7. 4-0 N E W J E R S E E E E Y

    I'm not sayin that Crasher. I'm quite sure we're both capable of holdin our own. I just want to make you aware not everyone is like that. That was all.
  8. Which is the better jersey?

    Thanx PhillyDevil and Mattaeu#32, Ill follow up on that. nmadd and SteveStevens thanx 4 ur opinions. The rest of you, thanx for keeping this thread entertaining.
  9. 4-0 N E W J E R S E E E E Y

    Touche! However, let's save those 4 our opponents. Besides, not everyone is like that.
  10. Finally

    Aight njdevils, well martysb3tt3r was nice enuff to give u a link to help you to interpret what we're talkin' about. Actually, jive has evolved to ebonics, or so I've been told.
  11. 4-0 N E W J E R S E E E E Y

    Hittin' below the belt, are we Crasher?
  12. 4-0 N E W J E R S E E E E Y

    Alright DevilNurn, well ya got me there. I could have insulted them in Japanese, but I don't see how that would have been nearly as effective as French, haha. Nice job. We'll be seeing you guys on this snowy Sunday evening. Let's go Devils!
  13. 4-0 N E W J E R S E E E E Y

    Ic, so that would explain the two different styles of writing, martysb3tt3r. Ah brilliant!
  14. 4-0 N E W J E R S E E E E Y

    I just want to give a special shouts to sections 232, 233, and 231 for doin their thing tonight. It was a kick ass game and everybody helped to keep our sections bumpin. Hope we were able to help ya out a bit martysbtr over in 230. I know you had to deal with those punk canadien fans up in ya section, but hopefully you was able to hold ya own. 233 that was classic with the "Your gay, your gay your gay your gay" chants. 232, you guys did ya thing as always. Much luv and respect. 231, you guys keep hangin in there, ya'll didn't do too bad either, and thanx for keeping those punk canadien fans in 230 on their toes. See all of ya on Sunday. Let's go Devils! P.S. Crasher, if you read this, I'm sure you guys were pretty good in 208/209 too though we can't hear ya in the 230's, haha.
  15. Which is the better jersey?

    Sec 110, thanx 4 the humor as always. Btw, I like hohos too. Devil Fan, again thanx 4 the additional info on those Nike jerseys, and I won't be gettin one of those since I like my jerseys to be kind of loose. Ok, nmigliore, I bought a Brodeur jersey at the DevilsDen that was priced $195, but for some reason was rang up at $130. It's an RBK jersey, I believe the Edge type jersey with the NHL logo in the middle, which devilsfan26 is referring to. That being the case, I didn't buy an authentic jersey. Does anyone know where I can buy an authentic jersey, but not one of the new ones that they make? P.S. Thanx for all the info peeps.