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  1. just got tickets on ticketmaster for $38...i guess the game isnt sold out yet.
  2. alright you guys convinced me lol. im on college break right now so its not gonna be a problem to get there early.
  3. haha, but seriously guys...i was thinking like 2-3 pm.. what u guys think?
  4. hey everyone, big devils fan here. i was wondering what time should i be at the rock on tuesday if i want to get $10 tickets?
  5. all right everyone this thread is getting really off topic lol. i dont want to be mean, but can the rangers fans please leave . you guys worry about your team and we will worry about ours ,ok?
  6. ok what the hell is with all the rangers fans here lol.
  7. hey guys i just checked our loss column in the standings and noticed that out of our 20 losses 10 have come from the islanders and rangers. i dont want to be one of those people who bitches about our team whenever we lose, but we are seriously in deep sh!t. if we dont make the playoffs , this will be the reason why.
  8. theres actually a crow chapter in my school, but they are f****ng weird. but anyways doesnt every frat house supposed to have mandatory study hours and study rooms?
  9. hey everyone, big devils fan here. anyways i was wondering if anyone here is or was part of a fraternity. the thing is im joining one, but aint sure if i should live in the house or not. ive heard that living in the house is pretty hard with hw and all.
  10. Kyle Chipchura guillaume latendresse Jordan Tootoo