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  1. I was impressed by Salvador, Salmela, and Fedorov last night. I'm hoping to see Salvador play well all season as he did for us towards the end of last year, and I also think having Langenbrunner healthy and playing well going into the season will help tremendously. I feel better about the Devils going into this season than I did last year at this time.
  2. I can't find where to do this at all on the site.
  3. GREAT idea. I can't stand hearing or reading about him everywhere I look.
  4. I can't complain about this at all.
  5. I agree fully. It didn't cost me much, though. But yeah... if I could find a Zubrus Lithuania jersey I'd be all over it.
  6. I have a Zubrus Team Russia jersey I've worn to 2 games this year, and I'm thinking about ordering up a Zubrus white Devils jersey sometime in the near future. Currently the only Devils jersey I have is Parise.
  7. i can't get hockeywebcasts to work... i downloaded the players and stuff but it just shows a black screen with a white bar flickering on and off. EDIT: nevermind, i figured it out
  8. I'll be there.
  9. who says we can't score in the first period?
  10. They're gone now... looks like another sellout indeed.
  11. I got my tickets.... bringing 3 friends, too!
  12. The site should be working now. I used the code for yesterday's game against the Flyers and got 3rd row in section 103, which is right behind the goal... real nice seats.
  13. I'm not sure of the ordering problem is still lingering but I got a response this morning saying they are working on the problem. I did try and get my tickets to Saturday's game but the offer is down now unfortunately. Oh well. I'll be there Sunday though!