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  1. Lou on the Kovy Schmooze

    FYI - Lou gives baby Devils jerseys with the child's name on the back to the newborn children of all Devils' employees in the front office, so I don't think there's any inconsistency. He is very thoughtful and concerned about the families of all of the Devils' employees.
  2. Ted Leonsis Hopes R.J. Umberger Has A Nice Summer

    ...I wouldn't count on it! This from LeBrun: "There is much focus from the naysayers on the Caps' 17th-ranked goals-against average (2.78), but the statistic everyone should really look at is their five-on-five goals for-against ratio: tops in the NHL at a whopping 1.54 mark. As far back as we can tell, it's the best ratio in more than 12 years."--Pierre LeBrun
  3. Jeremy Roenick is still a tool

    I absolutely agree with you - Milbury can't find anythng good to say about Ovechkin. When asked he'll immediately answer with "Crosby's better" and adds nothing to the debate. During the NBC broadcast of the Caps/Pens game a few weeks ago Milbury made a comment during the intermission (when the Pens were ahead) about Sidney still being "Ovechkin's daddy" that was absurd. And, of course, the Caps won that game, with an Ovie hat trick. I don't know what Milbury's problem is (other than being in love with Crysby) but he's a ridiculous person to have as a national "commentator."
  4. NHL will decide whether Devils and Flyers are snowed out

    The weather was an issue here in DC for Sunday's Caps/Penguins game. Although we were in a similar state of emergency (even though the snow had ended the Metro wasn't fully running and streets were not plowed), the game was not cancelled. Many Caps fans were similarly angry at the Caps for not cancelling, but we were told that the NHL makes the final decision - not the teams. As long as the teams (remember the trek the Pens had to make to get here from Montreal), the officials and the media is there the game will be played. There's no point in getting angry at the Devils - nothing they can do. Caps fans wanted tickets to a future game, also and that was ruled out, mainly because there are no tickets available. But since hockey is a winter sport, and snow happens in winter, no NHL teams that I know of offer makeup tickets for a game that is actually played, even if it's in a blizzard. That said - we've got almost 3 feet of snow outside from the two storms and there's no end in sight! You know it's bad when the Federal Government is closed - 4 days and counting!
  5. Actually, the play by play guy last night was Joe Beninati, who is the Caps regular guy on CSN. I didn't sense any pro-Flyers attitude - remember, the Caps hate the Flyers almost as much as the Devils do! Meanwhile, although I love Doc and his call of the Devils games, I felt he, and the entire NBC (Nothing But Crosby) team were absolutely falling all over themselves to praise the Penguins on Sunday - some of the Milbury "love" of Crosby over Ovechkin during the first intermission looked pretty stupid given the final result of the game. I attended the game (through the 2 feet of snow) but taped it and when I watched it later I was astounded at how much they praised the Penguins, how difficult their trip was, how composed they were on the bench when their 4-1 lead was dwindling....but it's especially surprising when Doc, who I like and respect, buys into it along with Milbury and Maguire. UGH!
  6. Report: New Jersey Wants Winter Classic

    I beg to disagree - it was widely reported here in DC that the NHL wanted the Caps in this year's Winter Classic. At a meeting with Caps STH's earlier this season Ted Leonsis as much as admitted that. NBC felt that the ratings would be better with the Flyers looking at the demographics of Philly vs DC, I guess. We were told they looked at ratings for other hockey games and NBC felt that it would get a better viewership with Philly.
  7. Report: New Jersey Wants Winter Classic

    If it's going to be as far south as Baltimore, why not Caps/Rags at Nationals Stadium in DC? Or how about on the national Mall? The biggest problem with having it in DC (or even Baltimore) will be the weather. This year it will be cold, but it just as easily be 50 degrees on January 1. I also heard that the NHL won't use any NFL stadiums - they like the hype and hoopla connected with setting up the rink and the festivities that they have created around it - it worked well in Chicago last year and they're doing it in Boston this week. They can't do that in an NFL stadium because of the schedule - they can't get long term access to it when the teams are still playing regular season games.
  8. GDT NJD (26-8-1) at WAS (23-8-6) at 7:00 PM ET on MSG+ HD

    When I said "win" I meant, win games. Of course the Caps haven't won a Cup yet. But compared to the sorry state of the Deadskins, Gizzards and Nats the Caps are a breath of fresh air and have brought excitement to the DC sports scene. And Ted Leonsis is working on building the team so that the fans will stay with them (and buy tickets) in the years that the Caps are down, too. Only time will tell on that... But I, given my divided loyalties and my admiration of Marty, hated the "Maarty" chants. I know I've heard them while watching games from other arenas, not just NYR and Pitt. I've definitely heard it in Philly! I thought the Caps fans were classless when they did that but I have noticed that when the Devils fans come to Verizon everyone is far more civilized than say, when the Flyers or Pens fans come to town...no pictures of Devils players in the urinals, for example!
  9. GDT NJD (26-8-1) at WAS (23-8-6) at 7:00 PM ET on MSG+ HD

    What did the Caps fans do to make you "hate" them? I was at the game tonight - the Caps fans were really into it but what did they do, other than the "Maarty" chant that all opposing fans do when he lets in a goal? Bandwagon or not, the atmosphere in the Verizon Center has been amazing over the past few years and the fans...old and new...are really appreciating the fact that DC has at least ONE team that knows how to win!
  10. OOT Scoreboard - Tues. 11/17.

    Here's a link to a photo that should make every Devils/Caps and non-Rags fan happy! http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/photos?photoId=294413&gameId=291117013

    Yes I was at the game last night and that goal by Backstrom was one of the better parts for a Caps fan....The Rangers played far better than I can remember - certainly better than last year's playoffs - and the Caps didn't really come to play. Backstrom definitely caught the Queen napping....
  12. Devils In Search Of Center

    Did you see the little comment at the bottom of the article about the "bogus" goalie interference call against Avery? Objective journalist, my foot.....
  13. Comprehensive Free Agent Signing Thread

    Not a great replacement - as good as Brashear is in the locker room, his toi has greatly diminished, his fighting ability is not what it used to be and this past year he was more of a waste of roster space and $$$ for the Caps. Certainly didn't help us in the first round series against the Rags!
  14. Comprehensive Free Agent Signing Thread

    Can't be this early...would look like collusion!
  15. Chris Pronger traded to Flyers

    According to the Washington Post, the Caps were negotiating for Pronger but the price was "way too high" - either goalie Varlamov or Neuvirth, defenseman John Carlson, a roster player and more....not worth it for someone of Pronger's age who is only under contract for one year.