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  1. Spectors Rumors 8/28

    FROM HIS AGENT ON WWW.CANOE.CA The kids better be all right Financial constraints force Leafs to go with youth on D By MIKE ZEISBERGER -- Toronto Sun While Oleg Tverdovsky is Russia-bound, Scandanavia suddenly has become the destination for a trio of highly regarded Maple Leaf wannabes. With Tverdovsky having wriggled out of the Maple Leafs' plans after signing with a team in Russia, the focus becomes even more intense on young defencemen Brendan Bell and Carlo Colaiacovo as they strive to earn a roster spot. Bell, Colaiacovo and forward prospect Matt Stajan will be among the contingent of 28 signed players ticketed to attend the Leafs training camp in Sweden, which features a pair of exhibition games in Stockholm and one in Helsinki, Finland. The first practice goes Sept. 11. A handful of unsigned Leaf draft picks are also expected to be on hand. The team hopes to release the complete Camp Sweden roster in the next few days. Those players not selected for Sweden will attend a camp in Kitchener. "One of my goals this summer was to be part of the Sweden camp, so I'm very happy," said Bell, who, along with Stajan, received the good news yesterday afternoon. With Tverdovsky out of the mix, Bell is confident the likes of he and Colaiacovo, 20, will receive an ideal shot to land a spot on the Leafs. "I'm happy they haven't gone out and signed a bunch of defencemen," Bell, 20, said. "They've given the young guys every indication we'll get a good opportunity." In order to get a taste of NHL life, Bell played against a line of Eric Lindros, Owen Nolan and Gary Roberts during a spirited game of shinny at a local rink yesterday. "It doesn't get any better than those guys," he said. Tverdovsky, a defenceman the Leafs had shown interest in earlier this summer, signed a two-year pact with Avangard of the Russian super league. The deal, which nets him about $2.5 million US per season after taxes, includes an out-clause that would allow him to return to the NHL, a setup similar to the one that saw Danny Markov recently slide out of a contract with a Russian team and sign with the Carolina Hurricanes. "The Maple Leafs did show interest in Tverdovsky and Magnus Arvedson," said Don Meehan, Tverdovsky's agent. "But when (Leafs assistant general manager) Mike Penny got back to me, he said there was no money in the budget. "The timing was right for Oleg right now, but that does not mean he does not want to come back to the NHL. There were a number of teams who inquired about him." Penny said Tverdovsky would not be allowed to join an NHL team this season should he play a game for Avangard. One player who definitely will not be heading to Sweden is goaltender Trevor Kidd, who is coming off major surgery on his right shoulder. His absence gives Swedish native Mikael Tellqvist, who helped lead the Tre Kroners to a silver medal at the 2003 world hockey championship, the opportunity to come to camp in his homeland and snap up the backup job. Incumbent Ed Belfour and prospect Jamie Hodson will be the other goaltenders in Sweden. "Trevor probably will start practising in October and hopefully will be back in November," Penny said.
  2. Stanley Cup Journal--tverdovsky/brylin

    http://www.hhof.com/html/exSCJ_29.shtml (August 13, 2003)
  3. Could We Get Tverdovsky Cheap?

    Are you being sarcastic?
  4. Saturday's The Day!

    Do all the players ususally show up, or do they decide in advance based on who will be around?
  5. People Who Know You...

    That is cool! Hope you have a place to put him B)
  6. People Who Know You...

    I've had several co-workers congratulate me on the Devils winning--despite them not following hockey except what they get from me. My friends (all disgruntled fans of other teams) have been less forthcoming. You'd think they'd be happy for me, wouldn't you??
  7. Good Picture Link

    They took some excellent shots!
  8. It May Be Asking A Lot

    I don't know how to respond to that
  9. It May Be Asking A Lot

  10. It May Be Asking A Lot

    It's my pleasure. For a word person, I sure am visually inclined. I can't get ENOUGH of these photos. I hate to put Olie in the classification of Europeans who are just content enough making a living as professional hockey players and being away from what they dealt with at home. He's got such a GREAT talent and he could be a Niedermayer-type if he just put all the pieces of the game together. This season, there would be a great game, and then it would be followed by an awful game. I really like him. I hope they don't give up on him cause the salary's high by our distinction. But I think they wanted to see a bit more from him. We'll never know about all that injury stuff. I'm just glad he got a Cup and he was key to an important win en route to it. Going through the photos I found was the only thing I got accomplished yesterday. It's a good thing my boss doesn't check on me too often. He takes his game and his play very seriously. When he doesn't play well, he knows it and takes it personally, which usually ends up in him pushing too hard to fix what was wrong in the first place. And that in turn, makes things worse. I've seen the flashes of brilliance and honestly wish he'd had a better year this year. If Lou keeps him around, I think we'll all see what he's capable of.
  11. It May Be Asking A Lot

    NJay posted a link to another board yesterday, and I think there were some of Gio and Albelin on there. And I'm almost positive I saw some of both of them on SI.
  12. It May Be Asking A Lot

    [quote name='L
  13. It May Be Asking A Lot

    It's official--I love you!!
  14. It May Be Asking A Lot

    Thanks, Crasher! Those were fun to go through!
  15. It May Be Asking A Lot

    That one is great! I'm so glad there were no hard feelings.