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  1. The things he says, and the way he sees the game, Patty has "general manager" written all over him.
  2. I actually glean something positive from this; what business did we, one of the top 4 worst teams in the league, have in going into the later stages of games with leads on some of these teams? Chicago? Anaheim? Pittsburgh? New York twice? Edmonton? Boston twice? Washington? We have no business beating those teams, not when you look at our roster and you look at theirs. Props to Schneider, the kids, and our vets for keeping things competitive against some of the league's best teams. Teams that have mentally checked out don't get into line brawls like we've seen 3 of in the past 2 weeks. They're still showing fight and effort right to the end. My respect for players like Palmieri, Zajac, Hall, Wood, Bennett, has gone up as I watch them ratcheting up their play and maintaining a playoff-like intensity in some of the games down this last stretch, even in the face of known failure. Everyone knows we're out of the playoffs, and yet these guys and most of the kids have only played harder and more intense the last few weeks. But we lost those games and have had a bad season because we're a bad team, simple as that. It's a miracle we've barely been blown out in losses this season. Everyone in the locker room knows the sum of all our parts isn't good enough, but they're still plugging away. There's something to be said about that.
  3. Anyone wants my single ticket in Section 119, Row 12, selling for $50.
  4. Was going to highly suggest DevsMan84 but I see everyone already beat me to it haha
  5. Maybe you have no idea, but the idea is pretty clear that we have the long overdue task of painfully removing ourselves from under the rocks of 10+ seasons of mismanagement by Lou, Vanderbeek, & Co. I feel crazy having to remind Devils fans that we lost players like Kovalchuk and Parise for NOTHING, with Shero handed a roster of 33-42 year olds (and a spoiled fanbase expecting him to do something positive with it). It's really incredibly clear what our team needs to do, and is doing; it's clear as day what phase this team is in right now. The Oilers making the playoffs will have had nothing to do with "ringing in a new arena", and everything to do with the fact that it's pretty much their destiny to have made the playoffs by now. A monkey could run that team, with McDavid and more mature prospects and good goaltending by Cam Talbot, and take them to playoffs; we don't really need to grasp for intangibles to explain Edmonton finally being a playoff team. I'll be surprised if the "fixing Lou's mistakes" phase of this team takes any less than 3-4 years. I guess I have a fundamental existential disagreement with fans who can't grasp how FUBAR Lamoriello, Vanderbeek, and Conte left this team, and how much work there is (still) left to be done. Billionaire investors who find value in buying low on depreciating assets; nothing really more to see here. We'll never know how close to bankruptcy (or worse, league control of finances/transaction or relocation) we came thanks to Vanderbeek's mismanagement as an owner, but Harris and Blitzer saved us from that. I wish more Devils fans realized how depreciating an asset this team was, people have this idea in their heads that Lou and Vanderbeek handed these owners a shiny new Ferrari, but the truth is this team was a piece of sh!t in need of saving.
  6. Not when you, 11 teams better than you in this regard, and only 3 teams worse than you, are all desperately scraping for 16 wins en route to win a Stanley Cup; every facet of your game needs to outmatch potentially 4 rounds worth of opponents. If Edmonton fans and media are just satisfied with making the playoffs every year for a round or two, then fine, maybe they can content themselves with oversimplifying and justifying the Hall trade. But I still think they'd be a better team this year with Taylor Hall than Adam Larsson. They were due to be a playoff team by now, and realizing that potential was inevitable. I don't think Larsson-for-Hall somehow pushed them over some brink, they were always overdue for being a playoff team. I don't see them magically not making the playoffs if Hall were on their team still.
  7. Sabres do big ratings and have a surprisingly large fanbase. They are fairly underrated in that regard; I personally like this Winter Classic matchup (from an objective and neutral point of view).
  8. Numbers look good, but seems way too small.
  9. Bayreuther is a cousin of Ben Lovejoy's, so I can't help but think he may be leaning toward NJ here?
  10. There've been some pretty bad snow games the last few years; one was vs. St. Louis a couple years ago, think we got 10" of snow. But now, unlike then, I have no desire to deal with the elements to go watch this team unfortunately.
  11. 1. Same (surprisingly) for Holtby and Price, as well as Bobrovsky and Rask. Tim Thomas is the last one to get multiple (2). I'll admit, there are some great goaltenders in the game today, so I'm not surprised they're not picking up 2, 3, 4 consecutive Vezinas like back in the day.
  12. Fear not, for it's all they have and will ever have. The one Rangers game I'll watch on MSG every month or two, they pull out some weird ass stat that Lundqvist is working towards; it's literally all they have to make the fans happy. "Most saves in first period and a half of hockey games!" "Most Game 7 wins!" "Fewest rebounds allowed per 5v5 min." and sh!t like that that gets the Rangers fans planning parades for him.
  13. Holding him out of a game or a practice or two (or the team bus headed to the airport right now) is already a step up from how other teams approach their obvious trade bait ahead of the deadline. I'd be interested to see what else Pierre is referring to as well though.
  14. haha C'mon, he doesn't really "need" to do anything, we could all just mind our own business. I don't really find it funny either so I don't follow his Facebook group. So I know nothing about the guy or what he posts, all I know is he starts all the usual Devils chants in the section next to mine and keeps things animated when the game starts to drag. If he wants to walk around during intermission with that "Stabley Cap" cutout thing of his, why the hell should I care? lol Who cares??? See, we're talking more about this kid than the 5 or 6 people in 119 who scream "Shut the fvck up!" literally everytime he starts a LGD or Baumann chant, that's how I know we're being petty and misguided; that self-loathing Devils fans who actively boo and yell at other Devils season ticket holders literally every game are getting a pass.
  15. Ehhh, with that page, it is what it is; at least he tries to start chants when the section starts sounding like a library, but these d-bags in my section 119 shout him down ("SHUT UP!!!!") every time he just tries to start a chant. It's how we'd treat Rangers fans trying to start a LGR chant. So stupid.