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  1. Yes they're average 30K, but a lot of it has to do with the "shiny new toy" effect, on top of them paying exorbitant amounts of money to 3 aging huge-name superstars. I say "aging" because they probably won't stick around for more than 1-2 more years before their skills/stamina begin to drop off drastically, and at that point, considering the team will have been around a few years, the novelty will wear off (and those players will be gone) and I think their average attendance will normalize back down to something in the 20K range, like the rest of the league/NY Red Bulls; still very good, all things considering. Agreed. They'll be fine with something the same size of Red Bull Arena, 20-25K range. But as an architect here in New York City who's familiar with the current zoning/building situation, I can safely say I don't think they'll find a home in the 5 boroughs anytime soon, if ever. They will have to look to Western Long Island, maybe Westchester/Yonkers if they want to build their stadium. Nothing's gonna fly here. I think the same goes for the hypothetical Islanders stadium idea too.
  2. I live 5 minutes from Edgewater, on the upper side of the cliffs (North Bergen/Cliffside Park area). Great area, wouldn't think about moving from here if I even got paid to!
  3. Agree, I don't think this goes through. And even if it does, we're talking 5-10 years lead time.
  4. Yup, and we were guilty of it too once upon a time. But Lou was never as public, obvious, and unapologetic about an "internal cap". It'd drive me nuts if I were an Ottawa fan.
  5. Good for him. This time last year, I was thinking to myself, "Oh man, Palmieri must be bitter he just got traded from a Stanley Cup contender to the Devils, this is going to be a rough couple years." And now look at him, and the track his career is on.
  6. Careful budgeting, by Ottawa, should be a means to an end, not THE end. And giving away a 2nd round pick should not be a means to the end of careful budgeting. If I were an Ottawa fan, this would drive me up a wall. They've got it all turned around.
  7. We would, but this is part of the game, part of the business. And there are teams who take advantage of situations like this to make themselves better, and teams who don't. I wouldn't want our team to not do so because "we'd be upset if we were in their shoes".
  8. Another bailout in my opinion was the Callahan-St. Louis trade. Rangers knew Callahan wasn't re-signing, they knew he was a goner, and poof, out of no where, Martin St. Louis wants out of Tampa Bay and surprise surprise, he only wants to go to the Rangers. I know you'll say Tampa got a lot out of the Rangers in return, and in retrospect you're right, but that was absolutely the piece you guys needed to make your first Finals run since 1994 and win it all; you got the better player, the better leader, in exchange for the guy you knew you wouldn't sign two months later. If the Rangers won the Cup, which they very well could have, maybe should have, that trade (and the turnaround after MSL's mother's death) would've been as iconic in Rangers' history as "the guarantee". I know you'll argue that it wasn't a "rescue", and that it was a fleecing by Tampa Bay, but that is in the context of them losing the Final and not having any other 1st Round Picks. In a vacuum, in that time and place where the Rangers were at, it was a rescue job by Martin St. Louis and the Bolts. You have to understand that most of the rest of the league is looking at that trade from the sidelines like, "Oh look at that, Rangers get to get rid of Callahan right when they need to, how convenient."
  9. I like this move for the Rangers, I like it a lot.
  10. Sorry haha I couldn't tell, there's actually people saying stuff like that
  11. Nice little comparison; I'd say Boston and New Jersey look like the 2 most open teams for him, with Boston having a little bit of the edge. However, you never know, maybe he factors in that Boston's a team on the downswing and that we're the team on the rise.
  12. He's a Hobey Baker Award winner; if you don't have room for him on August 15th, you make room for him, and you've got two months to do so! We're 3 months removed from a season in which guys like Tootoo, Ruutu, Farnham, etc. were rounding out our 3rd line at times and getting PP time occasionally. You don't say "no" to someone like Jimmy Vesey because you think there's a logjam. We can take him on and figure out the logjam later!
  13. Didn't he also throw it onto Scott Parse in camp right after Parise left too?
  14. I think he's a good player too, but would you give him within the range of between Palmieri/Zajac money? I would never.
  15. Baseball is fun to play, and boring as fvcking sh!t to watch. End of story. And I'm not even a football fan either.