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  1. The Marty Night thread

    Agreed, having Fuhr, Roy, and Hextall, of all people, give their congratulations was an awesome touch. They even had Bernie Parent say that, without a doubt, Martin Brodeur is the greatest goaltender in history of the game; that was a big deal. Also, Patty looked like an Armani model last night, that guy can clean up!
  2. GDT: Thank You Marty. 8pm MSG+

    Not the prettiest game (again), I'm convinced most of the team has a bug of some sort. Palmieri hinted to it on Monday night. They seem a bit off these last 2 games, while Schneider has continued to look like a brick wall (goalies prepare/practice separately so maybe he didn't get the bug). Some notes: - Dare I say it, Gionta had his best game all season. Made some great plays, had a really nice hit, did a great job at PK, had a beautiful backhand pass in the 1st period to Zajac which got saved. My distrust with Gionta has made it so my attention to his level of play every shift is heightened lately, but I'm not afraid to admit when he has a really good game. We need more of that from our 4th line. Ditto on Tootoo and Farnham, who also gave Edmonton a tough time all game. - Boucher's got a sick wrister. I think we've got a good glimpse of what his strengths and weaknesses (which are not many) are by now. I hope coaching staff will structure some plays (like last night's) to play to his strengths; he can score a lot more goals with that wrist shot if given the space and time. He seems unable to create that space, a la Stempniak or Blandisi, but his finish is clinical when given the space and time. - Our defense continues to look shaky. Similar to the rest of the team outside of Schneider, I really hope it's just the cold/bug going around bringing down their collective level of play and nothing more. - Blandisi's going to be a VERY good player for us. I don't think I'm jumping the gun anymore by saying that at this point. Regardless what his totals are at the end of this season, I think both HE and the TEAM will benefit greatly once he has a full camp and preseason under his belt next offseason. The only weaknesses I see in his game are just a result of him or his linemates not being on the same page. We saw the same with Kovalchuk early on (not comparing the two, just comparing the symptoms of when they first started; the giveaways). The more he's around the team and vice versa, the more they'll know where he'll be and when, and be able to get on the same page. He is a tricky player to pin down and defend, but right now, also a tricky player to play with if you're one of the other Devils. You never know what he's gonna do; camp and preseason together will change that for sure. - The atmosphere throughout the game was actually pretty quiet and dull. I thought the games vs. the Capitals and Rangers (where we had much less "Devils fans") were a million times louder. My theory on this was just that there were a lot of returning old school fans who haven't been to a game in a while; and were really there to see Marty and not really to see this group play.
  3. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Interesting... Yeah, Dallas has a glut of RW, they have Nichushkin at 3rd line LW and his numbers aren't all that great. I could see both he and the team wanting him out. I wonder what kind of deal gets it done.
  4. The Marty Night thread

    The ceremony was amazing; like Marty said, beyond my expectations. They did a tremendous job. I think Marty's speech left a bit to be desired, but he's always been one to speak humbly off the cuff, I don't think speeches or special occasions are his specialty. I remember Niedermayer's being way more emotional and eloquent; but yeah, different strokes for different folks, that's just how their personalities are.
  5. The Marty Night thread

    Yeah haha Joshua Harris is an awful public speaker, it's pretty funny. He's very, uh, "eccentric" haha... It's pretty funny really. Gives the rest of us hope that you don't need to be a great public speaker to be wildly successful. I think Scott O'Neil (who did a good job up there) recognizes this and kind of rushed Harris off the mic haha... 
  6. GDT: Thank You Marty. 8pm MSG+

    We, in this area, got lucky. That kind of loyalty and longevity seems now to be a thing entirely of the past. It's the end of that era. There are almost no "great" long-tenure guys left in any of the major sports, maybe Tom Brady and Kobe Bryant being two of the few last names? I'm probably wrong but no one else really jumps out at me (in the future HOFer caliber of players).
  7. GDT: Thank You Marty. 8pm MSG+

    My brother took a personal day off today haha.. Put it in months ago. I should've done the same, but was thinking of taking a sick day; my workload had other plans. I'll be heading out early though to get there at 6 on the dot, luckily my bosses are cool with stuff like that... Phew! 2 years ago at my old firm, I wouldn't have gotten there til 8PM if I was lucky.
  8. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    #Sens get Phaneuf, Frattin, Bailey, Rupert and Donaghey in exchange for Cowen, Greening, Michalek, Lindberg and 2nd-rounder in 2017.
  9. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    #Sens announce they've acquired Dion Phaneuf from #Leafs in 9-player trade. -@SWhyno
  10. Jersey's Team vs Broadway's Hudson Rivalry Feb. 8 GDT

    That was probably one of our worst performances this season. That we went into the 3rd only down 1-0 was a small miracle. Zajac set up a beautiful chance for Gionta to tie it at one point right on front of the net but he's Gionta so that wasn't happening.  Stempniak was about 3/4" away from tying it in that last minute with that beautiful wrister that Lundqvist got a pad on. Shame. But we didn't deserve the win. That's not the kind of win you want to get; win and think you can keep playing like that every night. You want to lose that game and not repeat ANY of those mistakes, don't let any of those bad habits continue. I'm sure Hynes said as much to them in the locker room. Regardless, I'm grateful we got to see us beat the Rangers the way we did at home last week rather than vice versa, and have to deal with a game like last night's on our home ice, and get the win there.
  11. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    I'm right there with ya. Flyers fans (and most Philly fans) get drunk, they get loud, they get obnoxious, and they do and say some dumb stuff. But they support their team through thick and thin, in their own painful miserable way. With Rangers fans, it's really the arrogance that gets to me. I can deal with the drunkiest, trashiest, dirtiest Philly fan in our building; I can tolerate those mutants. It's the arrogance of the Rangers fans (and how much I know most of them aren't really diehards) when they come into our building that really sets me off and gets under my skin.
  12. Coming to NY 2nd week of Feb - best place to get tickets?

    hahaha I saw that!!! I spotted a few of them on the ground level near the escalators, so funny!!!
  13. GDT: Thank You Marty. 8pm MSG+

    I'll probably cry tonight. My friend next to me is a more recent fan so I don't think he'll "get it", but I won't let that stop the water works haha..
  14. The Marty Night thread

    Sorry to start the anti-whining whine haha... It's just too much to bear sometimes. All things aside, the event was GREAT. I really didn't expect the layout/setup to be done as nicely as it was. I wish the Devils showed up at MSG but hey, can't have it all.
  15. The Marty Night thread

    People are expecting them to have the entire Prudential Center and Devils staff working an event like this. That's not how it works. Can't have everyone on the payroll racking up overtime a night that literally not even a dollar will be spent at the arena. Not unless you want the Devils to be close to bankrupt again.