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  1. Curious what prompted him on getting all this news out of New Jersey. I'm so not used to having this much inside info on the franchise, it's refreshing haha
  2. If there are any silver linings to be found, it's that Miles Wood is continuing his very positive growth as a player; and that the Severson/Merrill pairing looked pretty good.
  3. Go team.
  4. Yeah, I don't know about the "must win" tag, I don't know much of anything anymore this season. We can punch above our weight for an extended period of time and still not keep pace with the rest of the Metropolitan Division, it's absurd the kind of run all our division rivals are on: Columbus, Philly, New York, Pittsburgh, Washington; absolutely absurd. We can win every game the next 3 weeks and still find ourselves outside of a playoff spot. That's the kind of ridiculous situation we find ourselves in. A certain nihilistic feeling of hopelessness is starting to creep into me as pertains to this season.
  5. Agreed, our defense and Schneider looked very solid, until goal 3 with 3 seconds left in the period. I mean, they kept the game 1-0 until the 4 or 5 minutes left of the 2nd, against the best offensive team in the league. A halfway decent offense is supposed to score a goal or two over the course of 35 minutes of hockey. Those Lappin/Wood breakaways, the power plays, you need to score one when Schneider and your defense gives you that chance to stay in the game. Unacceptable.
  6. You took the words right out of my mouth.
  7. The death knell for the possibility of an Elias return, in my opinion, has been the viability of Miles Wood in the bottom-6, and how he's only getting better. He's making waves in his limited minutes, and when he wasn't there, Kalinin was doing okay as well. If neither of them showed up to play this season, there's a spot for Elias on the 3rd and 4th lines, but that hasn't been the case at all fortunately/unfortunately.
  8. Just spent about $139.90 and $227.42 in two separate orders, but going to be spending a lot more over the next few days. I wish they gave you a confirmation about your referral being used, doesn't seem like there's anyway to confirm it on our end, but hope it helps!
  9. So, uh... we might actually be good this year. And our record is as such WITH our offense continuing to be snakebitten, and frankly, not have the bounces going their way. This is really something.
  10. Don't want him and frankly don't think we need him in the long term. Use his rights as a trade piece and that's all.
  11. I'm not worried about any of those teams anymore, oddly enough. Those teams and good chunk of the West are starting to show that the balance of power is returning to the East. Anaheim is 2nd in their division with a 6-5-2 record. San Jose is 3rd with a 0.500 record. I think our division, and the East in general, are preparing us with a higher standard of opponents than in our recent past. We'll how it plays out, though...
  12. You're the man, fiesty.
  13. What in the world happened in Columbus tonight?
  14. I'll take that as a compliment! I don't think what I said is grounded in advanced stats at all, maybe the opposite: it's "law of averages" if anything, as objective and unbiased as it gets really. You've got 10 players with 6 points or more through 10 games (6 games, in Kreider's case), that's pretty awesome. You also may be deluding yourself if you think that's due to system-play that's sustainable. That's not advanced stats, it's just a foregone conclusion that 8 guys won't keep scoring over 15% of their shots in the long-term (6 of which are above 20% and 3 of which are above 30%). I'm not dissecting any aspects or plays within the game to come up with this "opinion", it's just a foregone conclusion, common sense essentially; "law of averages", like I said. I know it doesn't mean much to you because as a Devils fan, I will never be unbiased to you, but I was more convinced of the Rangers' supremacy last season during their first 2 months than I am so far this season. I guess you can say I was wrong then, so I'm probably wrong now, but I look at the numbers and the players, and I just don't see it. Everything seems to have gone incredibly right for them so far, and if this were the Devils (and it has been in the past; was it 2014 when we had that hot start?), I like to think I'd be saying the same thing. So I'm sticking to my guns, the Rangers this year are going to be better than I thought they would be, but they're not one of the elite teams out of the East the way their record (and yes, at times, play) suggests at the moment. I don't think Montreal will be either, and I don't have an axe to grind with Montreal, just a lot of the same reasons. Ditto on Minnesota and possibly Detroit.
  15. Agreed ^ They're definitely going to be better than I thought they would be, but they're not *this* good. Vesey's shooting at 35% (6 goals on 17 shots in 9 games) at the moment, Girardi has 2 goals, Grabner just scored a hat trick the other night. There will be a regression somewhere around the corner, but overall, I think they're a good team this year that will make the playoffs, probably not contend unless they make a big-time "all-in" trade like they've done before; but can't see that happening.