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  1. Glad to have you aboard, man! Sending many hugs your way!

  2. Gomez to Shanahan, one-timer SCORE!!!!

    Beezer's right, your team has been the envy of the Atlantic the last few weeks. The fact that your win streak came during our downturn makes it all the more frustrating. I'm much happier about a Rangers win than a Devils loss. In all honesty I'd love to see the two meet in the playoffs. It should make for a good series. Satans Hockey: I'd still post every once in a while, just less hostile. skeeter: I've been playing hockey for over a decade (until recently due to surgery) so I'd say I'm familiar with what a trap is thanks. I know exactly what Matteau did. Also, I don't play WOW nor do I tell my friends about this. It's more for my own interest/amusement. What else would I be doing at 2:30 in the morning. Combinations of insomnia and study breaks force me to find something to do.
  3. Gomez to Shanahan, one-timer SCORE!!!!

    Well what do you expect didn't you read the other guy's post? I have a 4th grade math test tomorrow. I'm not 4, just a very immature 4th grader. At least it's the same number. Wow I learned numbers! Thanks Devils fans.
  4. Gomez to Shanahan, one-timer SCORE!!!!

    You slam trolls? That's gross. Agreed with brodeurrocks btw.
  5. Gomez to Shanahan, one-timer SCORE!!!!

    OMG you're right I forgot all about my test, I should be studying my multiplication tables. Thanks for reminding me. Oh well, since my mommy and daddy are out of town I guess I can get away with it. It's a good thing I'm in the company of the founder of Mensa to put me in my place.
  6. Gomez to Shanahan, one-timer SCORE!!!!

    Yea it does change, cause if I'm not mistaken we were one of the hottest teams in the league after the all-star break last year. And Hank was the top goalie during that time.
  7. Gomez to Shanahan, one-timer SCORE!!!!

    No the trap still sucks, except we don't play a trap. And fine lets talk about the past, specifically 1994 when beating a rival in a playoff series led to a Stanley Cup not bragging rights on who didn't win the cup that year. Oh, sick burn!!! And to everyone talking about Aves not being on the team next season, I highly doubt it.
  8. Gomez to Shanahan, one-timer SCORE!!!!

    Because you seem to be a fan of my favorite band I won't be angry with what you said and simply point out that it seems only when people have absolutely nothing legitimate to say do they have to resort to chiildish insults along the lines of "oh your team is g@y." I'll chalk it up to your sour mood.
  9. Gomez to Shanahan, one-timer SCORE!!!!

    Great Simpsons reference. But on to my other point, I live in the moment. Past playoff series mean nothing right now. New season new opportunity.
  10. Gomez to Shanahan, one-timer SCORE!!!!

    Interesting you choose to put faithful in quotes. I'm pretty sure that giving a standing ovation to your team when they get knocked out of the playoffs defines faithful. Stop living in 2 years ago. You caught us on a losing streak when that happened. We just put you down in a win streak when you were on your high horses thinking nothing could touch you. Well aware of commercials, not comericals.
  11. Gomez to Shanahan, one-timer SCORE!!!!

    Not sure what a comerical is exactly. Also, I don't see what a video from the '70s has to do with tonight's victory against you.
  12. Gomez to Shanahan, one-timer SCORE!!!!

    Hahahahahahahahaha We're 4-0-0 against you this year. Gomez was the best forward on the ice all game, including a pretty set-up for GWG. Stopped dead in your tracks during your win streak. We break our 3 game skid against you. Hank gets his 15th win and 5th shutout. All in all an enjoyable evening. Have a nice night.