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  1. Christmas vacations

    Im coming to visit NJ! 26-1st! Be at every Trenton Devils game!
  2. Trenton Devils

    Come on now! If you were from NJ and your girlfriend/wife started playing on a team in boston you would still like your home team but still want to cheer for your girlfriends affiliate team.
  3. Trenton Devils

    Thanks I have no idea what im doing on this site sorry for posting in the wrong place it took me 20 min to figure out how to even post. But for the record I went to the Bruins Devils game on Thursday night and although I had a bruins jersey on I had a Trenton Devils one under and did cheer for the Devils!
  4. Trenton Devils

    Im from MA so I have no idea what The Marketplace means? Can you explain? Is that a store or some online chat thing lol
  5. Trenton Devils

    I tried asking his Equip manager said the lettering will be to big to put on my Kids jersey lol so im trying to figure out where I can get it done. He can screen print it once he gets that equipent and i duno when that will be. I want it to look good not something that looks like I did it.
  6. Trenton Devils

    Does anyone know where I can get a Name and # put on a Kids Jersey around the Trenton area?