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  1. yeah, that wasn't us. we actually weren't really that loud that game.
  2. hm, would anyone like to tell me what "puck bunnies" mean?
  3. who puts mayonaise in a water gun. come on now, seriously.
  4. oh, lmao. i guess i didn't realize that. oh well, i just like calling him zuby. i could shorten it to 1 syllable, zub. but i'm not.
  5. infamous 16 yr olds? we're not that bad. where were you sitting that you heard us?
  6. exactly what kim said. you don't go to a hockey game to just sit there and not cheer( well maybe some do ), but we don't. and seriously, how are we "lil hockey whore wannabees?" you've got to be kidding me with that one.
  7. well see, it's a hockey game and aren't you suppose to cheer and yell?