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  1. At the Doc Night game- More Lithographs to show

    That was exactly what I thought about them - glad to see that someone else thinks the same thing.
  2. All Jersey Talk

    Hockey Monkey in Woodbridge has the blank replicas/premiers for $89.99 (last week they were 25% off too, not sure how long they were going to do that for). Then send it to Exclusive Pro for customization. With EP, you'll get on-ice quality stitched customization, rather than heat pressed, details-printed-on customization like with the Kovy jerseys at shop.nhl, Modells, etc.
  3. Latest on realignment

    @DarrenDreger "Decision has been made on realignment by NHL Board of Governors. Will have full details of changes very soon." @Real_ESPNLeBrun "I'm not in Pebble B but a source inside BOG meeting said it took a bit less than an hour of discussion to reach agreement on re-alignment." "For re-alignment details which will be announced soon, follow @DarrenDreger, @ESPN_Burnside and @CraigCustance. They are all in Pebble B"

    Is this about the atmosphere at The Rock tonight (and all season long), or, as hurricane mentioned, another desperate plea for fans to support the 'supporters section'? There have been two vocal, passionate sections for decades - 208 and 233 (formerly 217 and 228 at CAA) - fans who supported the team through wins and losses (including all of last year, not just a few games that the front office wanted to unload seats for) - and fans who didn't need official recognition and a sign and constant jumbotron coverage. The 208 and 233 regulars worked their way to being the 'go-to' sections of the arena for passion, they didn't just beg the front office, and other fans, to recognize them. I definitely believe that the 'supporter section' adds a much needed vocal section on the Taste of Newark side of the building, but the constant need to promote that section is getting old - they need to earn a reputation for themselves by action, not online pleading and help from the front office. Bottom line - every Devils fan in attendance tonight (and all season long) needs to be vocal in maintaining home ice advantage regardless of where they sit.
  5. GDT: Philadelphia Flyers @ New Jersey Devils 7pm

    Happened to google "New Jersey Devils 30th Anniversary" and found a link to a news story that seems to be discussing the opening video for this season... http://www.collegian.psu.edu/archive/2011/06/17/psu_student_makes_mix_for_nj_devils.aspx And I looked up the "White Noise" Facebook page - they posted that their 'mix' will be part of the opening video for every game this season... Let's hope this is not another gigantic failure like last year...
  6. 30th Season in NJ

    You can see the 30th anniversary logo at the bottom of the group pricing info on the Devils' site http://devils.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=65068
  7. Single Game Pricing

    Just wanted to add my 2 cents as a STH.. I was glad to see the tiered pricing, however, the pricing is set way too high for the system to work. I definitely feel for the fans who aren't in the position to become a STH at this time, want to go to a handful but not all of the games, or just want to take their family to a game. I was in the first situation until a few years ago. STH deserve benefits - discounts on individual game price, the meet and greets, special events, food cards, equip sale - things that don't affect the average fan from affording tickets to go to a game, and thus affecting attendance and the building of a stronger fanbase. I'm sure attendance will see a drop until the team starts running the frequent discount nights as they have done in past years. Two other things of interest that were in the STH email regarding the tiered pricing and presale dates: - March 17th will be "Retro Night" - The marketing tagline for the season is "Get Your Jersey On" Adam - I agree with your cost analysis - It would have cost me more to keep my half season weekend plan for season 2 at Pru than it would have to go full seasons, which I switched to and have had since.
  8. New Jersey Devils Draft Party

    Just adding my feedback... Overall, I'll add myself to the list of those that had no problem with the sale and draft party, although it was a little disappointing compared to years past. I had VIP tickets and arrived at about 3:00. After purchasing them last year and seeing the benefit of getting into the sale before the general line, it was an easy choice as one of the STH perk options with next season's renewal. It may be wise for the Devils to consider selling a very limited amount of VIP tickets next year for non-STH, but as mentioned by other posters, it was possible to buy the VIP tickets this year from the STH who didn't want to go. There were a lot of hockey players that did so and arrived early this morning to ensure that they would get their best possible choice of equipment. There definitely seemed to be much less this year in terms of total quantity and variety of items, but it seemed like the stick limit and higher price kept the stock available for longer than in past years. I bought several merchandise items, and left satisfied with the sale. The scheduling conflict aside, I think the Devils did the best they could with the situation they were left with. They could have only had a STH Draft Party and Equipment Sale, which would have pissed more people off. Other teams hold their Draft Parties only for STH. The "Season Ticket Holder Locker Room" inside was actually the Nets' Courtside Club, which was too small for the amount of STH who came for the event, and many went back outside. The food and drinks were exactly what the email said - snacks and soft drinks. The biggest perk was being inside out of the rain. I understand where the non-STH are coming from, as I was in that group until a few years ago. However, if the team wants to sell Season Tickets, there have to be perks that are desired by fans, and the early access to the equipment sale is clearly one of them. While it may be upsetting to fans who are not in the position to become STH at this time, it is reality of selling season tickets.
  9. DEVILS SUPPORTERS SECTION - August 16th - come name the section and p

    I'm not saying that the supporters have no impact - you have definitely gotten the Taste of Newark side louder. However, some posts sound like some (not all) of the supporters are trying to take credit for every comment, gesture, and ounce of success that comes on nights that the supporters are there. There are others that are part of the supporters that are great, and realize that they are helping to get the building going, along with 208/233, etc. I'm part of 208, so I agree that it's great to have other parts of the arena loud. Hurricane - I agree that the ToN balcony location helps more - it gets noise on both ends. In terms of a library atmosphere... that comes along with the awful first half the team had - most casual fans weren't attending the games, and even some of the regulars missed games - lower attendance + losing = less noise. Now that the team is winning (and attendance always seems to increase in the 2nd half) fans are coming back. (adams - I fixed my earlier post to say Tues's game.. I mixed up days.. last week was Tues vs Car, this week is Wed vs Car.)
  10. Ticket Price Discounting Discussion

    I'll add my 2 cents.. I've discussed the issue with Colin through PMs. I understand both sides of the debate, but I definitely agree with the STH argument, and feel that STH value can be maintained through improving the pricing & promos. This quote from the Lightning sums up the way STH should be treated. “As our number one stakeholders, our season ticket holders deserve benefits and experiences that nobody else can receive,” said Lightning Chief Executive Officer Tod Leiweke. Should STH pay a lower price per ticket - Yes Should STH get extra benefits - Yes Should the Devils offer discounts to try to fill in the arena on slow nights - Yes However - the Devils should know what teams/nights are going to be weak in terms of ticket sales (weeknights, western teams, etc). Therefore, they can set up all of the discount nights (college nights, family packs, guys night out, etc.) at the start of the season, and those are it. Eliminate the waiting element of "i'm not going to buy tickets for that game, I know that they'll email out a $15-20 ticket offer the week before the game." The only other discount would be for groups. Make all of the discounted ticket prices no less than the STH price for that section, and season tickets wont be devalued. Also, the upper deck needs to go back to the scaled pricing that was in place the first few seasons. Making all of the 200's, minus the corners, the same price turned away a lot of STH and meant that the fan looking to buy tickets to a single game had the cheapest option of $37. In 08-09, it was 25-30-38 for box office pricing in the 200's, and there seemed to be more people throughout the 200s, rather than just the middle. A tiered system of premium/non-premium games would also help ticket sales, as the division games will still sell out at a higher price, and some of the lesser games would benefit from a lower price.
  11. DEVILS SUPPORTERS SECTION - August 16th - come name the section and p

    Exactly unknown poster... there are the diehard fans there game in, and game out, supporting the team. Certain sections of the arena are always loud. The balconies usually tend to be quiet due to (a) less people sitting there and/or (b) thats where they put the groups of fans that may just be coming only because they're getting cheaper/discounted tickets. Last night the arena was packed (about 500/600 short of a sellout), it was a huge game with a playoff atmosphere, and the team is red-hot. As a result the noise will be greater. Some of "the supporters" seem to have a very big ego about what they're doing. The Devils beat Carolina on Tuesday, and the place was loud - no "supporters" section that night. Last night, 233 started the LGD chant that made its way through the entire arena, as mentioned by several people on the various boards. Yes, it's nice to get one of the normally silent balconies loud via "the supporters", but don't make assumptions that every time a player says something about the crowd or points your way, its about you. Rolston has always pointed in the direction of the Taste of Newark balcony when he comes out as one of the three stars. It had nothing to do with "the supporters". I've noticed it for years. Other players do that as well - I don't know why their friends/family are in the balcony and not in clubs/suite, but it is what it is. Bottom line - winning and excitement translates into noise and crowd involvement all around the arena. edited: had Wed instead of Tues - we play Carolina this week on Wed, last week on Tues...
  12. GDT 2/12/11 Devils vs. Sharks

    Rolston does that every game that he comes out as one of the three stars. He must have family & friends in that section. It had nothing to do with the suporters.
  13. DEVILS SUPPORTERS SECTION - August 16th - come name the section and p

    There aren't specific guidelines, but when something is done the same way game after game, and then it gets sped up, it just feels rushed and its noticeably quick. Sort of like how some people had issue when they used the remix of Hells Bells with last year's intro video. The other two corners aren't consistently loud - they are more the $10 line, so it varies by game. There is a huge difference between the casual fan and the diehard fan, if that's what you mean. I didn't intend to start a massive argument. I just wanted to post my feedback, and the name issue had already been brought up in the thread.
  14. DEVILS SUPPORTERS SECTION - August 16th - come name the section and p

    Deleted - computer froze and it ended up posting twice
  15. DEVILS SUPPORTERS SECTION - August 16th - come name the section and p

    I'm not trying to start anything. I just posted my viewpoint from tonight's game. I am not trying to take away the fact that you were loud either. You guys definitely were. 208 is usually loud, but there are games that it is sparse and quieter - tonight was ne of those nights. Attendance and noise all around the arena was down. Don't forget - 208 isn't all STH either. The location issue was not that it shouldn't be near a corner, but having it near a corner at the other end of the ice may spark new people to be loud, as you would have then have two sections to either side to work with, where 209/232 already have one side that is loud. I am aware that the Red Bulls have a "supporters" section. My personal opinion is that the name offends STH, but others may feel differently. The kill chant was more the expression/length of the individual "kill"s - Goomba tried to help correct that, but ended up giving up when it wasnt working- the timing of when to start/stop the chant improved as the game went on. Adam, I agree that there were several chants that worked well. I have discussed this with Satans Hockey and told him that for a first try it was successful. Tonight's experience gives a building block to improve/change things so that the next time is more successful. He should be commended for putting everything together, especially with the short time to plan the specifics.