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  1. http://hypebeast.com/2009/01/dee-rickey-x-...-duffle-bags-3/ Only if you're ballin', tho... http://www.colette.fr/#/eshop/article/2574...tarter-bag/123/ Feast your eyes on that pricetag. Enjoy!!
  2. Elias not at practice today

    WHO was worried?
  3. Elias not at practice today

    Elias is the messiah.
  4. Looks like we Pissed Off Canucks Fans!

    I hate this criticism. Nobody should be embarrassed of attendance except for the business people running the team, and maybe the team itself. Having a well supported team would be a point of pride us, yes. But I don't think it should be a point of shame for any fan who buys a ticket and puts their butt in a seat. If you've done that much, you're a one-person success story . . now to get 18,000 success stories. Who gives a f**k? Not me, man.
  5. Shaq..

    I'm hopeful they won't be worse than last year, but I may be in denial. Lopez and Yi are proving to be good pickups so far.
  6. GDT: Tampa Bay Lightning @ NJ Devils - 7pm, MSG+

    I'll be watching on TV. I wish I could go but I'm currently in the doghouse with all of the sports games I've been going to lately, financially and domestically. :'( I think Weekes will be fine . . not sure if he's the new messiah, but dude knows what he has to do. That said, if he crumbles, all the Weekes love is gonna go down the tubes. People love him because he has done okay with what little time he's played for us, but this will be the real test. C'mon Devs.
  7. Shaq..

    He helped eff Jersey's OTHER team last night . . :'(
  8. NJ Devils bloggers react to Martin Brodeur's injury

    What the hell happened to http://www.inlouwetrust.com/?? John needs to pay his hosting bills!
  9. Barack Hussein Obama elected President of USA

    The funny thing is when people from both sides don't get their way, everyone is the same. When Bush got re-elected, Democrats were all whining about how they were going to move to Canada. The truth is, that kind of thinking is amazingly counter-intuitive, especially if you are someone who claims to love this country so much. Like it or not, Obama is everyone's president for the next 4 years, at least. If you don't like him, then spend the next 4 years constructively criticizing him and keeping tabs on everything he does that you don't like and why, get out of your house and take action. You can also make a list of all of your realistic fears of what will happen as a result of him being president, and check them off as they occur. If anything it'll give you some kind of validation, or maybe it'll give you a sense of calm that things won't go down as bad a road as you thought they would. If you do like him, listen to him . . don't sit on your hands, don't rest on your laurels. Listen to his talk of sacrifices and a new call to service for all citizens. Figure out you can do and do it. That's one small (but collectively large) way we can milk this presidency for all it's worth, that's one way the true greatness of this presidency will be realized. For us Obama supporters who didn't support Bush, we've finally gotten what we want . . speaking for myself, I'm excited that I can once again be proud of our leadership, as it can only enhance the already strong love I have for this country. I'm hereby done with all this bullsh*t because I now have nothing to complain about or defend. Democrats basically run the show now for the foreseeable future. There's some ugly crap in this thread alone, let alone this board as a whole . . it's just more proof that this crap isn't really worth anybody's time except for poor sad souls like Jimmy Leeds, Lou, unknown poster, and the rest of their ilk. Somebody call the Wahmbulance for them, because that's the only thing the save you now. It's saved us commie liberals for the last 8. The end...time to talk hockey. Brodeur is out for the better part of the season, and we're talking politics? What's the matter with you people? Out.
  10. Barack Hussein Obama elected President of USA

    Wasn't he like uhh . . a Communist dictator or something?
  11. So where did sh!t go wrong for the GOP?

    This sums it up nicely...
  12. Those loony libs will stop at nothing . . NOTHING!!!
  13. But you'd want Palin . . . wowzers.
  14. Hillary . . I luvs me some kool-aid.