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  1. Sykora Signs With Capitals

    Yea but thats not Sykora from the Ducks, atleast according to ESPN.com
  2. Third Round Predictions Leaderboard

    Best first post ever Thanks to Mrsheeps for some sweet playoff brackets! Go Devils!
  3. First Round Predictions Leaderboard

    Yea i got lucky in the first round, but who would have guessed the Ducks would be playing this well. Saddly i have Dallas v Detroit in the WCF and barring a quack attack collapse or a heart transplant in dallas we are going to see a very unexpected finals in the west. oh yea.... GO DEVILS
  4. !!!!! Playoff Brackets !!!!!

    EASTERN CONFERENCE Conference Quarterfinals OTTAWA def. NY Islanders 4-1 NEW JERSEY def. Boston 4-2 TAMPA BAY def. Washington def. 4-1 PHILADELPHIA def. Toronto 4-3 Conference Semifinals OTTAWA def. Philadelphia 4-2 NEW JERSEY def. Tampa Bay 4-3 Conference Finals NEW JERSEY def. Ottawa 4-3 WESTERN CONFERENCE Conference Quarterfinals DALLAS def. Edmonton 4-1 DETROIT def. Anaheim 4-3 MINNESOTA def. Colorado 4-2 VANCOUVER def. St Louis 4-2 Conference Semifinals DALLAS def. Vancouver 4-1 DETROIT def. Minnesota 4-0 Conference Finals DALLAS Def. Detroit 4-3 STANLEY CUP FINALS NEW JERSEY def. Dallas 4-2