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  1. wow...i didn't know that. But they did have him mic'd for the game, too.
  2. but you still have to shoot, that is all I am saying
  3. yeah....pretty much. passing well doesn't really count, does it?
  4. ya need to shoot if you expect to get goals....just a theory
  5. nah, I don't think they have him "mic'd up" for tonight's game.
  6. well that certainly says a lot doesn't it?
  7. he got hit from behind with his head down. He was down on the ice for a few seconds but I don't think he was knocked out or anything. Georgie got the 5 for hitting from behind and a 10 for a misconduct. He was obviously okay enough to play again and mix it up in the third. Not sure you can actually hurt that guy.
  8. well downie was just out there again - mixing it up looks like he got tossed for losing his jersey
  9. ugh what are they doing here in the 3rd?
  10. yeah that one is looking like it could get really ugly in the 3rd crazy stuff
  11. oh yeah - and Cote got a misconduct at the end of the period too
  12. little bit o' fun over at the flyers game laroque got downie from behind...and it looks like cote got 10 min. misconduct at the end of the period