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  1. GDT: St. Patty's Party at the Rock: Pittsburgh @ Devils

    I've uploaded about 18 high res pics from the game! Can be downloaded here: http://www.mediafire.com/?mwmzt4inimy
  2. Hi-Res Devils pictures?

    I've got lots of Devils high res pics from many games, they're all about 3000x2000 pixels. Send a PM if there's pics from specific games or of any specific player that you'd like.
  3. GDT: New Jersey Devils @ Nashville Predators 8:00 EST

    Damn it... but Zajac's goal was somethin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kldSE8m9H6Y Wow. Danis looks really young here..
  4. OOT Scoreboard 10/2.

    Is Emrick on versus? I'm at the wings game in stockholm ;-)
  5. Havelid

  6. Does Parise, Langs, and Martin join Team USA now?

    I know Oduya will play for Sweden
  7. GDT: 4/12/2009 Devils vs Hurricanes 7:30PM

    Anybody know of any stream available? Csports.se isn't working. Wasted money
  8. Devils wallpapers

    Two wallpapers I made a few days ago, hope you like them!
  9. Newest Devils Fan!

    Congrats to the beautiful baby boy!
  10. Help from our Swedish Members

    I only know this site But it's only in swedish and I don't know if they ship to England, but you could ask them. Click kontakt and write your message. (namn=name, E-postadress=emailaddress, eget meddelande=your message) after that click Skicka. I don't know about any game-worns.. didn't find any socks either :/
  11. Congrats to Patty!! Cute dog..
  12. I wish I could be there.. Happy St. Marty's Day!
  13. Best Place to purchase a Jersey?

  14. GDT: 3/14/09 - New Jersey @ Montreal. 7:00 PM

    Congrats Marty!! I'm quite speechless. Awesome with the applauds from the crowd too.