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  1. I've uploaded about 18 high res pics from the game! Can be downloaded here:
  2. I've got lots of Devils high res pics from many games, they're all about 3000x2000 pixels. Send a PM if there's pics from specific games or of any specific player that you'd like.
  3. Damn it... but Zajac's goal was somethin. Wow. Danis looks really young here..
  4. Is Emrick on versus? I'm at the wings game in stockholm ;-)
  5. H
  6. I know Oduya will play for Sweden
  7. Anybody know of any stream available? isn't working. Wasted money
  8. Two wallpapers I made a few days ago, hope you like them!
  9. Congrats to the beautiful baby boy!
  10. I only know this site But it's only in swedish and I don't know if they ship to England, but you could ask them. Click kontakt and write your message. (namn=name, E-postadress=emailaddress, eget meddelande=your message) after that click Skicka. I don't know about any game-worns.. didn't find any socks either :/
  11. Congrats to Patty!! Cute dog..
  12. I wish I could be there.. Happy St. Marty's Day!
  14. Congrats Marty!! I'm quite speechless. Awesome with the applauds from the crowd too.