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  1. forsberg

    he is attempting a comeback this season. can we/should we get him? i know it's hard for us to land big time stars, so this might be a moot point. but, if we want to glamorize the team a little (i.e. fill up the rock) getting a forsberg-caliber guy could be big. i know lou isn't a glamour-type guy, but it would be nice to watch games in sold out home stadiums and get a little more attention, plus pull in some more cash for the organization.
  2. announcers

    hello, new to the board. thanks for having me! my first question is, why aren't mike miller and randy velischek doing games anymore? i realize they are on wfan now, but that can't be the only reason. i believe matt loughlin is doing the main play by play now, he's good but doesn't seem as good as miller to me.
  3. rangers@penguins

    has anyone seen nhl. com today?! they are covering the game 2nite like is some kind of big playoff matchup! GOD, neither team is even in the upper echelon of the conference!