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  1. Does anyone know how soon EA will have these results up now that voting is finished?
  2. I am from Wichita, and we have a CHL team here. I have spoken to several people involved with this and from what I understand it was a complete joke. MacMillan completely sucker punched Van Drunen. Sad day as the CHL is coming up as the elite AA league. This is a black eye to our league and with Colorado being the flagship of the league its a huge black eye for them. Sad to see, and I am embarrassed as a chl fan to see this. In the old chl yes, but after 2 league mergers this is just plain stupid.
  3. CONGRATS!!!
  4. that was a blast...
  5. Nice save McKenna!
  6. FYI Urbom +3 and 2 assists...NICE!
  7. Langs!
  8. Donated! Love this forum!
  9. We are forum! This is thread!
  10. This thread is so epic first of all, but I am so ready for this to be over, and start the season. I'm not trying to jinx anything, but I pray to God above, that we can get to our ultimate goal, and when we get there, I hope its done at home, and when bettman steps foot on the ice, I hope the A$$hole chant is so loud, that they have to blur the sound out on the television. Kind of sounding a little something like this
  11. Ladies and gentlemen Gary Fvcking Bettman has entered the building!! I sincerely hate that man!
  13. I just want to help the thread get to 458...C'MON LOU!!! C'MON KOVY!!!
  14. Well I am really hoping Lou already has another deal ready for Kovy...lets try again...FVCK this sucks!