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  1. Official Al Trautwig Petition

    Anyone have video of Al explaining? The one good thing I can get from this is the small group of about 50-100 people got someones attention.
  2. Official Al Trautwig Petition

    Got an email Dear Ernest, We have conveyed our concerns to MSG management and they indicated that this will be addressed. We appreciate your interest, comments, and mostly your support of the New Jersey Devils. Best regards, Chris Christopher Modrzynski Sr. EVP/Chief Operating Officer (973) 757-6100
  3. Official Al Trautwig Petition

    You can't be sure if he was poking fun at devils fans or email. Either way hes laughing that we cant get emails. I still doubt he meant that because he doesn't talk like that. He talks like a ranger loving piece of crap.
  4. Official Al Trautwig Petition

    I know what you mean but, it wouldn't make sense to say that. You just don't say that. We'll read some emails... if there are any. That's how you finish the sentence. He has always hated the devils. And I'm tired of this crap. If the devils are going to becoming something big (like the rangers) we gotta fight every thing they say about devils and their fans, if there are any.
  5. Official Al Trautwig Petition

  6. Official Al Trautwig Petition

    there was no reason for that comment. And everyone knows this isn't the first incident. WE just want him to stop being such a devils hater.
  7. Official Al Trautwig Petition

  8. Official Al Trautwig Petition

  9. Official Al Trautwig Petition

    Yes it was, that would be greatly appreciated!!! Please sign, to show this guy that we are devils fans and we love em'
  10. Official Al Trautwig Petition

    http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/al-trautw...w-jersey-devils by:Hiphopopotomus He made a comment during yesterday's pre-game show that was a blatant insult to Devils fans. I'm paraphrasing but he basically said "We're going to have Dano taking fan emails in the intermission, if there are any Devils fans that is...". Don't get me wrong, I'm down for free speech and all that crap, but I'm bothered by this because the Devils and their fans are getting trashed on their home feed. If he made that comment on the Rangers feed, it wouldn't bother me as much, but it doesn't sit well with me because the Devils have a contract with MSG Network. We already get almost no coverage on these shared pre/post game shows and have to put up with his snide remarks on a nightly basis, but this is where I draw the line. I encourage you all to email/call MSG Network and the Devils and ask them to put an end to this (bleep). If Al wants to take a swing at us, he better know that we're going to swing back.
  11. Thank You NHL.com For Screwing Up My Order!

    Lol. I'll try to pull that one off again.

    My first dollar hot dog night. I'm going with 2 friends. 10 hot dogs each. I can just imagine walking up to the person "30 of your finest hot dogs please"
  13. Stevens Night Promotional Print

    I have 4 prints. I have pucks too from that one game. I got away with 7. heh.
  14. Oduya

    I see he has been playing better. But, he's not consistant. Almost everytime the puck is shot out of play its oduya. I still don't like him honestly.