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  1. so, it'll make crappy defensemen suddenly capable of executing a breakout. good to know

  2. there's a hell of a fan right there

  3. A whole day at work without HF is nearly killing me....


    or stop ripping people off.... or both. They wouldn't have filled the place tonight, but not asking 4 people to pay $400 to sit in good UL seats would be a good start towards trying to do that. I second that the people that showed up tonight were great a good time was had by all, other than the Avery fanboys.

    trip... what the hell, I know I didn't hit that three times... twice maybe, but not three times

  7. Colin White

    Well, I wouldn't say "any". He made a huge, gigantic honking mistake. It just sucks and you have to accept it, unless that was a brain fart.
  8. Basically, what's she's wrong on, is that she'd never actually be sitting in that chair unless there was a tie vote. There will no be one in the forseeable future. McCain may hide her somewhere, but it's not going to be sitting next to the Senate Majority Leader. How often do you see Dick sitting in that chair now that he doesn't have to place a vote? Never, because he has actual things to do? It's just a shame that McCain can't sh!tcan her with 2 weeks to go and get someone with a properly functioning brain. Then, regardless of the result of the election, I could breathe a sigh of relief.
  9. Is Obama a human?

    It's important we know this, or we could be played the fool by some alien race of redistributionists! Goly gee, darn tootin!
  10. Leblond called up

    Let Halischuk get some time in instead of rushing him. There's no reason to rush him when he would be playing out of "role".
  11. NHL Attendance

    Yeah, actually, your first point, I was just thinking of that now. The Rays were so pathetic that it allowed the Lightning to be 2 out of 3 in the market, I don't know if the Rays are actually going to draw next year, but if they do, it's bad news for the Lightning.
  12. Leblond called up

    I would rather win this game, than chase Avery around trying to get him to fight, or worse, taking 5 just to prove a point. If this is the game plan and why Leblond is up, I hope it doesn't backfire and you get something like Parise or Elias getting run in retaliation. We're injured enough as is.
  13. NHL Attendance

    They did run against them both of their last two nights, but these are still low numbers for them. Let's put it this way, attendance isn't going to be picking up much after Sunday or after two weeks from now. Season opener also didn't come close to selling out, and I don't think they have $100 upper deck seats as a crutch. EDIT: Also, their summer advertising season was all Stamkos all the time, and I wonder if Stamkos should even be in the NHL (especially for this crappy team.), he's been fairly invisible.
  14. Voros

    The problem with the Rangers is that they have really needed his production, it hasn't come as a nice bonus. Zherdev with 2 in 8 and Naslund with 1 in 8, and Dawes on another planet, would concern me just as much as Voros going on a great run would make me happy.
  15. NHL Attendance

    Didn't come close, 14K give or take a few. Bad crowds in Nashville, ATL and Tampa tonight. Tampa has been terrible but it really looks like the fans have rejected what's going on there. Bad sign for that franchise considering how little it costs to get in there.