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  1. Devils Vs. Tb Game 4

    Don't forget to mop the floors.......
  2. Game One Summary

    Zzzzzzzzzzz...........Zzzzzzzzzzzz..........Zzzzzzzzzzzzz........ ...Zzzzzzzzzzzz .........Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz................Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. What a Snorefest. Must be NJ Playoff hockey.
  3. Devils Vs. Bruins Analysis (long)

    WHY BAAASTON WILL WIN: 1) MOTIVATION: the team just revolted against their coach Ftorek (sound familiar?), and now this club has something to prove. 2) POWER FORWARDS: Thornton, Murray, and crew will wear down Jerky's old, decrepid, dinosaur blueline (save Niedermeyer and Rafalski, but he's small). 3) "HOME ICE" ADVANTAGE: Jerky has the extra game, but the Fleet Center will be packed and rocking, the CAA will be half empty and silent. 4) LAST YEAR'S KNOCKOUT: As a #1 seed who got knocked out last year, almost never does that team lose the first round the next year. Look it up. WHY JERKY WILL LOSE 1) MARY "EZ PASS" BLOWDEUR: She wins the Vezina hands down, but I blame Burns here for making the same mistake every Deb coach does.....playing Mary in like every meaningless regular season game until she's blue in the face and has nice tired legs come playoff time. Her 5-hole will be wider than her you-know-what after a Saturday night reaming by Stevens. 2) JERKY'S PP: Well, in a nutshell, it fvcking blows. 3) NO FINISHERS: No talent idiots like Gionta and Pandolfo who get tons of chances and about 40 shots a game produces one or two goals. Jerky's still a one-line team, control them and that's ballgame. 4) BURNS (AGAIN): After dissing Larry Robinson the other day in the paper, the team is divided. BAAASTON IN SIX. TAKE IT TO THE BANK, LOSERS.
  4. Sather Blames Fans

    Jeez Sather, why don't you just blame God for this crappy weather delaying your clubs' Golf plans for another week.......moron.
  5. Importance Of Tonights Game

    I'd rather see a hard-fought one goal win for the Devils, a blowout and they be a little overconfident in the playoffs. The B's are tough, don't want to look past them.
  6. Fan Suing Domi Leafs

    I vaguely remember the incident, from what I recall Domi hardly touched him? But anyone who sues Kevin Collins is OK in my book!!
  7. Not that the Devils can't put a run together to close the season, but it looks like the Devils might fall back to the #4 seed. Philly's got a pancake schedule from here on out.
  8. The Chris Farley Show On The Devils

    Burns will get the D straightened out. Or the culprits will sit.
  9. Quick, How Far Will The Devils Go This Year?

    I'll get on it...didn't see it.
  10. I say ECF.......the Devils can beat anyone in the East, although I think Ottawa takes them out in a 7-game war in the ECF. Good year, though.