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  1. FCC Ruling Gives Verizon & AT&T Access To MSG’s HD Channels

    Looks like it's a done deal! Coming in mid-December. Verizon Press Release: http://newscenter.verizon.com/press-releases/verizon/2011/verizon-fios-tv-subscribers.html Let's just hope CV doesn't find some other way to delay again.
  2. FCC Ruling Gives Verizon & AT&T Access To MSG’s HD Channels

    This is going to drag on a little longer... They have until October 22 to strike a business deal. But Cablevision appealed the FCC decision and on Tuesday the FCC granted a partial stay of the order in that Cablevision does not have to actually provide the feeds until at least Nov 14 so the FCC can do its review of the appeal. Biz deal must still be struck by Oct 22 though. http://www.multichannel.com/article/475211-FCC_Stays_Portion_of_MSG_Program_Carriage_Mandate.php
  3. Verizon / Cablevision MSG HD FCC fight continues...

    Another update on this front finally. An appeals court affirmed the FCC's new rules that would force Cablevision to sell MSG HD, denying Cablevision's appeal. The court only tweaked the new rules slightly saying that rather than the FCC being able to assume all withheld channels are unfair, complainants about withheld channels have to show that such withholding is an unfair advantage on an individual channel basis. Hopefully this will get things moving now.... http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-06-10/fcc-can-require-cable-companies-to-share-sports-shows-appeals-court-rules.html
  4. Depressing Statistic Containment Thread

    Kovalchuk has been on the ice for 28 goals against this season, good enough to lead all NHL forwards. Kovalchuk's plus/minus on the ice per 60 minutes is -2.42. Yet his plus/minus off the ice per 60 minutes is only -0.30. That's the best +/- off the ice for all Devils! Langenbrunner has a team-worst GA ON/60 of 4.74, almost an entire goal worse than the next-worse guy (Kovalchuk at 3.77). So it seems Jamie's defensive abilities have gotten even worse than Kovalchuk's. It is interesting to note however team shooting percentage is highest when Jamie is on the ice at 7.69%, though still pretty depressing.
  5. GDT 12/10/10 New Jersey Devils @ Ottawa

    -4 in the 1st -7 in the 3rd http://www.nhl.com/ice/teamstats.htm?fetchKey=20112NJDAAAAll&sort=avgGoalsPerGame&viewName=goalsByPeriod Edit: Also pathetic is we're 1-10-0 when trailing after the 1st, 1-15-0 when trailing after the 2nd.
  6. More confirmation this rumor is false from Ken Beckett from HockeyBuzz: "Dainius Zubrus' agent tells me at this time his client has not been placed on waivers despite reports saying otherwise. #Devils #NHL " Dainius Zubrus' agent tells me at this time his client has not been placed on waivers despite reports saying otherwise. #Devils #NHL — Ken Beckett (@KenBeckett) October 5, 2010
  7. OOT Scoreboard 3-2

    Yep, give them +1 point at least...they're headed to overtime.
  8. OOT Scoreboard 3-1

    Sykora just scored on the powerplay 2-2 at the end of the first Edit: Bruins just won in a shootout
  9. Best Buy coupon given at Prudential Center

    Yeah, they gave me a whole stack of like 20 of em once lmao. Didn't even ask for that many, they're just like here take all of these.
  10. Hossa hurt in first game with Pens

    I just saw that on nhl.com Good news for us anyways, and yeah i don't think that trade was worth it. He'll probably be gone a couple weeks. Even if he is back when they verse us, the Penguins will be hurting while he's gone (hopefully).