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  1. Nhl Board Of Governors Oks Sales Of Blues, Coyotes

    Oh, like baseball? I understand that we're discussing different beasts here, but the league, as far as I can see, can stand to postpone the playoffs by a day or two in non-Olympic years due to deciding outdoor games. Think of the ratings! Think of how these awesome games would affect standings in a fair way if handled properly (especially post-lockout!), on last-day of regulation! In assuming that 6 or so teams would be exempt from playing outdoor games (my hastily assembled plan inculding LA, SJ, Anaheaim, (formerly assuming) Dallas, Phoenix, and ATL -or- Nashville), I forgot all about the Wild vs the Stars. What a sick outdoor contest we'd have on THAT end, no matter when this game were scheduled. October or February, there'd be a ton of interest among true true hockey fans, (who'd likely pressure a fair amount of fair weather Hurricane types to watch), and there'd be no better time for such fans to voice their opinions. I, for one, will mail every established hockey authority until the outdoor games become a reality. I may even give them all Kool-Aid packets just to be a dick. That's how NJ rolls.
  2. Devils 2nd Opening Song

    My first drunken post on here (amazingly!): -They used to play Andrew WK in the first period of every game form 01-03ish, particularly Party Hard (but notably before the 'circle jerk' lyrics). -I've heard Coheed and Cambria's 'Devil in Jersey City' more than a few times in the past few years, and that HAS to continue. Seriously. Among my list of once/popular songs that still populate this Brooklyn boy's Devils themes over the past few years: Hammerfall - Hearts on Fire Bad Religion - Sinister Rouge (any excue for BR is fine by me, and the color RED is this reason this once, aside form the intended theme of unfounded Christianity) Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Devils' Night Out (don't know how to skateboard? That's just a fvckin' crime.) Grim Reaper - See You In Hell King Diamond - Sleepless Nights Mock at will. This soundtrack got them one Cup in my blinded fan eyes.
  3. Nhl Board Of Governors Oks Sales Of Blues, Coyotes

    I've always thought that there should be a way for every team in the league to play one outdoor game a year, since the one follwing the Heritage game was pretty awesome (even though noone in the US without Center Ice got to see it). To me it seems both feasible and a great attention grabber - Devils/Rangers at Giants Stadium on a cold February night is an idea that very much appeals to me, and would attract more interest in the sport without compromising the game. [/waits for everyone to tell me why I'm wrong]
  4. Game 7 Thread, Go Oilers:)

    I'm so conflicted on Brind'amour's ripping the Cup from Bettman...I hate them both! Though at least Brind'amour earned his station in life. And Whitney's 'fvcking RAD!' was awesome. Still disappointed, though.
  5. Why The Nhl Should Stop Wooing America

    Did you even read the article? He's not saying that at all - he's saying that places like Raleigh and Nashville don't really deserve an NHL franchise when there's not enough people supporting it. Say what you will about Devils attendance and ratings, the fans show up when it matters and actually know the game, unlike most of the people down south who pay bargain basement prices to follow a game they may have a passing knowledge of. Example #1- I could be the biggest Manchester United fan (I'm not; I don't really watch soccer all that much), but living in Brooklyn, the closest I'll get is the NY Red Bulls. Otherwise, it's off to a decent pub at 10AM on a Sunday - I'd have to work for my soccer fix. That's what he's saying hockey fans should have to do if they're not in an NHL city, and there are definitely some U.S. cities with NHL teams who are undeserving. Example #2- My buddy's spending a few months in Berlin right now, he's a huge Yankee fan. He's many miles from the Bronx, but he's got his mlb.com pacakge, he's happy. MLB's not sending a team out to Germany for him in a vain attempt to convert a few people who don't care about the game, why should the NHL? I say cut 4-6 NHL teams and give their season ticket holders some comparable online package, tell them to follow a better supported team.
  6. njd trade and new players!!!!

    It's true, Elias will not be with the team next year, but it's not because of money, it's because of Elias himself. He'll sign a long-term deal, Lou will make him captain, and his first move will be to defer to Gary Bettman's wishes that the team be disbanded for being so damn dope. Each player will be assigned to another NHL team via random lottery, then that player will have to war with either the top goalie or team captain in a vicious Thunderdome deathmatch, all while the last 3 Inches of Blood album blasts in the background. The victor will stay with the team, getting a pay raise to the cap's player maximum (not to count against the team's cap), while the loser will have their corpse buried in a shallow grave, their head placed on a pike in front of thier arena for the team's home opener for all to see! ALL TO SEE! ALL TO SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! [/sick guitar wailing] I'm a security guard at the CAA, I know these things.
  7. The Worst Coverage

    I found that hooking my ipod to the TV and blasting Pantera was much more informative, particularly during the Janssen/Commodore fight.
  8. MSG: The Good, The bad, The Ugly

    I'm in pretty much the same boat, in terms of going to almost every game over the years and always wearing my jersey, and I gotta say, the fans were absolutely brutal yesterday. It's all in where you sit, though. I sat in the 400s and was almost murdered. We moved to 210 and were fine, though even just walking through the 300s yielded homophobic fun. The anger of these fans is palpable, I cannot believe how ridiculously pissed off these people are. I really thought I would end up in a fight and ejected, especially if I had stayed in the uppers. I also didn't appreciate it when my two Ranger fan friends bolted with five minutes to go in the game, leaving me to fend for myself on the walk to the train. I probably deserved some damage for standing outside the Garden with a broom, though. I was told twice to shove it up my ass, while one large gentleman pointed at it with one hand and hefted his junk with the other, which I thought was a bit more creative. Then I had three separate security guards hassle me over carrying the broom OUTSIDE. "What is this? What is this?!?" (points to broom) 'Um...a dirty bomb?' 'WHAT?!?' 'It's a broom.' 'WHY?!? Why you have?' Ridiculous. No wonder the Ranger faithful are such miserable little sh!ts, they can't get to enjoy the finer things in hockey - octupii, steaks, rubber rats... (I'm just a sucker for throwing things onto the ice...I'd like for our team to have an ice-chucking identity...maybe packets of Kool-Aid...)
  9. Don Cherry

    Grapes has been using Suglobov as a prime example of what's wrong with the Leafs ever since they traded for him. Every week, whether it's to prove how Ferguson's a bad GM, show who NOT to pair Sundin with, or illustrate that most European players are fickle, moody, and cowardly, poor Suglobov gets the mention. It's hilarious; Cherry's disdain carries into how he purposefully gets his name wrong, yet it's always a different variation of the mispronounced name. All this from a man in a pink hockey jersey. <3 Grapes.
  10. Game 4 *VERY* important

    This forum could really benefit from a sarcasm detector.
  11. I was watching Hockey Night in NY just now, and after Doc, Chico, and Trautwig cut away to Matt and Stan, the audio picked up Doc talking over them, telling Chico and Al 'It's a good thing we can't hear, 'cause Stan will find some-' before it was cut off. Aside for my hoping for profanity, I imagine Emrich was going to say 'some way to be negative about the win' or something to that effect. Funny stuff.
  12. Thundersticks

    Obviouisly towels are superior (functionality!), but I really think the handing out of inflatable dildos is totally justified when you have a building that utterly absorbs noise, making the fans sound like a group of muted gimps on television. Coming home to the game replay was awesome last night, since I knew that there would be a loud Devils presence on a national TV broadcast. That hasn't often been the case without the stupid plastic deelies. Also, people complaining about the noise at games: you really need to stop. I'm not happy that the radio plays Linkin Park over the Replacements, or that Slayer isn't played on the organ during games, but complaining about such things is for ineffectual curmudgeons. We're all getting old. Deal.
  13. Favorite Flyer


    I went up to Albany about two weeks ago and saw AlMo stink it up for the Rats...it really was depressing.