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  1. Making a decision like this is always going to be absurdly hard, whether or not you're even considering the money, and a lot of people here are oversimplifying it to a huge degree. It's not easy to assign priority to a bunch of factors that can't actually be compared directly - where do you want to live? How tied do you feel to your original franchise, its fans, and your friends there? Where does your family want you to be? Hell, Zach's a dude who's spent pretty much his entire young adult life here, maybe he just feels like it's time for a change? All of these are important factors, and my guess is that he has no friggin idea how to actually assess their importance in a clear way, mainly because there is no way to do it. As someone who recently made a decision about where to spend 8 years of my life, I can say personally that no matter how clear a decision like this may seem, it's impossible to make a choice without having a lot of serious self-doubt about it. In my mind, the fact that we remain in the running is a strong indication that loyalty to the team and fans is definitely factoring into Zach's choice. But to insinuate that this sort of loyalty should somehow outweigh actual important real-life factors is pretty ridiculous in my opinion.
  2. Edit: What maxpower said.
  3. Nice! I was chilling at Dinosaur BBQ waiting for my brother to show up before game 4 against the Rags and decided that I HAD to have a NJ beer before the game or we would surely lose - I did, and we of course didn't. I also busted out a Pretty Things Fluffy White Rabbits during Game 6 against the Panthers since it's supposed to be a good luck beer...... Anyway, if I can somehow conclusively prove that me drinking good beer will help the Devils win, I think I'll make a career out of it.
  4. Back in the day, my big playoff superstitions were: A) Had to play some hockey in the street on game day B) Had to eat at a fried chicken place that my friend's dad owned the day of the game C) Had to play knee hockey with a rubber ball and those mini-sticks during intermissions D) Had to watch at my best friend's house (this was reinforced particularly strongly in Game 5, 2001 - my whole family watched there through 2 OT's, but we went back home after since it had gotten late and subsequently lost it in the 3rd. Needless to say, I stayed the fvck put for Game 6) I've also always had a huge superstition that I can't be a dick to anyone in general during the playoffs - it started when I was a kid, where I would become terrified we would lose if I was mean to my little brother, but it's basically morphed into me trying desperately to be a good person a-la Calvin as Christmas nears in Calvin & Hobbes. It also has prevented me from ripping on Flyers and Rags fans this year, for better or for worse. This year, my 2 biggies have been growing a playoff beard for the first time and trying to find the right Devils shirt to wear to bed the night before a game. I've cycled through 2 shirts so far, first an old 2003 Cup champs shirt and then a Chico Eats shirt when the first one lost a game. So far we're 10-1 on games where I remember to wear the shirt and 0-3 when I don't (I started this before game 6 against Florida).
  5. Sadly we may not have David Puddy on our side. Patrick Warburton is a Kings fan; will David Puddy cheer against the Devils?
  6. I actually just learned about this place myself (through a Leafs fan) and haven't even been to watch any hockey yet. But apparently every Saturday night they turn into a particularly massive Canada-fest, throw on Hockey Night in Canada and serve poutine. And poutine + Devils hockey = glory.
  7. Too late for tonight, but a great bar to check out is Standings in the East Village. They have awesome beer on tap and were quick to throw on the Devils game (with sound) when I stopped in for Game 2. Not sure how it would be on a night that we're overlapping with a Rangers, but they're generally very friendly to out-of-town fans so I think it would be a good spot to try. There's also Windfall around Bryant Park, which is a Canadian bar, and therefore also a hockey bar.