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  1. GDT: Devils @ Senators, 7:30 PM

    On a plane for this one! LGD!
  2. Only 6 years between posts lol

    Maybe I should start posting here again.... First I need a new Screen Name... how does that happen again?
  3. 2015 Draft Thread

    Or - you do what smart teams do and you trade down a few spots and get a prospect or some more picks. If that kid falls to 7 you better believe teams with defensive needs will come calling.
  4. Insulting fans' intelligence

    When was the last time the Devils brought in an asset for the future, or a significant draft pick? I can't honestly remember!
  5. 2014 Rookie Camp

    J. ______ville is an obvious reminder
  6. Devils anthem singer in contest!!! Please help!

    We know Samantha's Parents as our season tickets used to be right in front of them! I will vote for her!
  7. Jagr Is Back

    Guys - Last yr he was 4 million - 2 million salary and 2 million bonus that counts on our cap for 2014-2015. This season he is 5.5 million - 3.5 million salary and 2 million bonus that would count on our cap for 2015-2016. So it looks like this for Jagrs cap hit based on last contract and the upcoming one 2013-2014 - 2 million (salary from 13-14) 2014-2015 - 5.5 million (Bonus from 13-14, and salary for 14-15) 2015-2016 -- Up to 2 million based on bonuses he may or may not hit.
  8. I'm just going to come out and say it.

    The issue here is that its not just losing kovalchuk. We lost Parise too. We lost Gionta as well. Patty is the only one really that led to our shootout success that is still there. If you remember - probably not -- i was one who wanted Parise traded at the deadline before he left us as a free agent. I said you couldnt lose a guy like that for nothing. Teams see it coming - Lou plays stubborn thinking he can sign all of his FA's and to be honest he is about 50 pct on the players he wants to resign. And his "B" plan of trying to sign 2-3 "B" rate players to replace said "A Rate" player usually doesn't work.
  9. I'm just going to come out and say it.

    The problem with some of these posts are - they hey at least we aren't the leafs, or we did better than we were projected. The real issue is the mismanagement of the team. I don't think it completely falls on Lou, but he is partially to blame. We have like 9 NHL defensemen some we can't properly develop. We have a bunch of 2nd/3rd/4th liners on the team. Obviously we are a team that will live and die by the 1 goal game and you'd think Lou would do more to get better shootout guys. When the Pens picked up Jokinen last yr on waivers, he would have been perfect for us for the shootout. Lou would rather have a guy like Clowe - who although I like what he brings to the table, he isn't going to light anything on fire. The whole brodeur/schneider thing has been a mess and total mismanagement as well. I think it's time for the Marty/Lou/DeBoer show to go and time to fully transition into a new era. Now i dont think we need to rebuild, but we need to move past some of the Devils stubborn habits of the past that won't get us anywhere
  10. GDT New Jersey Devils @ Tampa Bay Lightning - 7pm MSG

    Zidlicky was a -6 this weekend!
  11. Stamkos

    For those who aren't faint of heart.... http://twitpic.com/dkwvmt a little grusome but i think it is broken in a few places????
  12. Stamkos

    Supposedly stretchered off! Leg Injury http://www.cbssports.com/nhl/eye-on-hockey/24219305/steven-stamkos-suffers-leg-injury-in-collision-with-net-leaves-on-stretcher lets hope not too serious!
  13. Schneider Upset

    I dont necessarily disagree with you, but the MacLean season i believe we were 9-22-2 when we made the move to fire him and Lou has been quoted saying he regrets waiting as long. Now I dont think he waits 30 games again, but if this team is say 4-8-3 after 15 games- you can bet on some moves being made. Being Brodeurs last season and with what happened last season, coupled with Lou forgoing giving up his draft pick when we made the cup finals, he is going to have some major answering to do if we finish bottom 10 in the league. Just my opinion here...
  14. GDT: Game 3 Devils @ Edmonton Senators 930pm MSG+

    I dont dislike Carter, i think he is useful. I just want to give others a shot right now and i'd rather have Bernier than Carter
  15. GDT: Game 3 Devils @ Edmonton Senators 930pm MSG+

    How about enough with the bullsh!t, waive harrold, send him down. Volchenkov as your 7th, bring up Merrill and play he and Fayne Bench Gionta and Carter, play Olesz/Bernier/Josefson