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  1. New Season - Center Ice Or Gamecenter?

    I just started a traveling job, and am on the fence about Gamecenter as well. My main conern: will I get the MSG+ Doc & Chico broadcasts for every game or will I get something else (like the local broadcast for away games). I know when I listen to NHL.com's radio broadcasts they give you the option of home or away team.
  2. Nhl Gamecenter?

    Man this thread is fortuitous. I just got this traveling job and I'm in Maryland 5 days of the week. NHL Gamecenter time. Thanks for the recommendations guys.
  3. until 5 pm (Thursday, 3/5) http://www.nhl.tv/team/console.jsp?id=35630 also linked to on front page of www.nhl.com
  4. No Doc Today??

    The game kicked ass even with him announcing. My favorite mispronunciation: "Johnny Oh-dude-ya"
  5. Devils Will Not Be Chosen by NBC on Sunday, April 6th

    While a network slot would maybe get more hockey fans to the Rock, I'm actually kind of glad. Nationally broadcasted game = Devils loss more often than not.
  6. GDT: Tampa Bay Lighting vs. New Jersey Devils 7pm

    Well that was a bit of a nerve racking game. Congrats to Kelly and Devil Guy though...priceless.
  7. GDT: Tampa Bay Lighting vs. New Jersey Devils 7pm

    Forget her happiness, we need the wins! Section 226 row 9 Checking in. Let's go Devs!
  8. Devils Blood Drive - April 5th at The Rock

    I registered a while ago through the website, but never got any sort of email confirmation or anything. Anyone else experience this? Ordinarily it wouldnt bother me. But now I cant remember which time slot I signed up for. Their customer service also leaves much to be desired.
  9. Roll Call - Toms River Area Devils Fans

    I go to school Philly right now (flyers fans everywhere, I mock them all), but on the occasional weekend visit my parents in Howell. Easy drive to Brick or Toms River, so I'd be down if I'm around. HockeyPilot18, you familiar with the kung fu school on Chambers Bridge across from the theater? I spent 6 awesome years there before college, and your applebees provided sustenance quite often. Thanks.